What is Diffuse Hair Loss?

There are a variety of kinds of women’s hair loss including postpartum hair loss and female pattern balding.

Today, we examine diffuse hair loss, also commonly referred to as the Chronic Telogen Effluvium which can affect men as well as women but is more often seen in women.

Symptoms of Diffuse Hair Loss

Women who suffer from Chronic Telogen Effluvium might notice that they are losing more hair than usual, or simply observe the hair they have is drier than it was previously. It is typical to feel hair loss while combing your hair or you wash it off in the shower. Also, the loss of hair will soon appear all over your scalp.

What is the Cause of Diffuse Thinning?


It is crucial to get to the root of your hair’s loss. There are many factors that can cause Diffuse hair loss. Loss like:

stress: We all experience stress. But stress-inducing life events like divorce or loss of a loved one can cause the loss of hair for women.

Sleep deprivation: Stress can also impact the sleeping cycle which could affect your hair and skin

Health conditionsDiffuse Haar Loss could be caused due to a medical condition, like diabetes or nutritional deficiencies.

Hormonal contraceptives: It is believed that taking certain contraceptives may trigger hormonal changes that can cause hair loss.

Menopausal changes: The hormonal changes that occur during menopausal changes can cause Diffuse Hair Loss in certain women.

Diffuse hair loss can be a warning sign for other health issues including thyroid issues. If you suspect or think you might have an underactive or active thyroid, it’s recommended to schedule tests on your blood to test for these issues.

Treatment for Diffuse Hair Loss

Treatment for Diffuse Hair Loss

Belgravia client, Emese, said her treatment for diffuse thinning and loss of female pattern hair is “the first thing that actually worked for me” (Results can vary and aren’t Reliable)

Try to make sure you have enough rest (generally around 7-8 hours each night) Also, eat a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients to maintain well-groomed hair and to manage your stress levels when you notice that your hair is beginning to shed or become thin and think it could be due to diffuse hair loss.

The key to dealing with Diffuse Thinning is to get the correct diagnosis and address the root of the problem. The best way to proceed is to consult a doctor who will provide an accurate diagnosis and tailor the treatment plan for hair loss that is tailored to your specific requirements. A lot of people suffering from this condition are able to grow their hair back.

The results that have been experienced by a variety of Belgravia patients being treated for diffuse hair loss on the hair loss success stories gallery.  This includes patients Lia and Emese. Who are both featured here.

Following six months using one of our extensive programs for treating hair loss for her diffuse thinness. And the loss of female hair pattern Emese shared with us that ‘after trying numerous options over the last decade. This was the first one that did the trick for me. I am extremely happy that I decided to take this chance.

While Lia who is a specialist also suitable for Female Pattern and Diffuse Loss advised me. ‘I began my treatment at Belgravia just 3 months ago. However, I’ve already noticed significant improvement. The loss of hair has decreased significantly in the past month, and in the pictures taken during my examination, I can observe a lot of new hair growth and the crown is looking much better. Going to the clinic is pleasant as the staff are extremely accommodating and welcoming and always available to answer questions. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone who is suffering from hair loss.

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