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Toughest Essay Topics for Students

Let’s face it: writing essays may be time-consuming and dull. It takes hours to create an excellent article, and coming up with subject essay ideas might be much more challenging.

Writing essays is challenging and time-consuming because of this. Fortunately, you may learn how to write articles with experience and by studying some excellent samples. However, before doing that, you should be able to select an exciting and worthwhile essay topic.

Topics for Argumentative Essays

An argumentative essay thoroughly researches a subject, formulates an argument, and then supports that argument with evidence.

Here are some solid topics for argumentative essays to assist you in creating influential papers.

  • High school curriculum selection should be left up to the students.
  • The importance of physical education in schooling.
  • Should the government take additional steps to provide accessibility for the physically disabled?
  • Are people born with the skill to be a politician, or do they learn it?
  • Administrators of social media platforms should keep an eye on and delete comments that use offensive language.
  • Does technology contribute to individuals feeling more alone?
  • Is there ever going to be a point where technology stops developing?
  • Tobacco manufacture and sales ought to be outlawed.
  • It’s essential to inspire girls to participate in sports.
  • Do trouble-making behaviors among teens stem from boredom?
  • Parents who have failed their children should be disciplined.
  • Vaping is safer than cigarette smoking.
  • Why do The risks of the Covid-19 vaccine outweigh the benefits?

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Topics for Persuasive Essays

An argumentative essay is comparable to a persuasive essay; however, the author hopes to persuade the readers of their viewpoint.

Here are some suggestions for compelling, persuasive essay subjects:

  • It’s time to outlaw energy drinks in schools and universities.
  • Gambling ought to be outlawed in the US.
  • Should abortion be outlawed globally?
  • Hunting is a sinful activity.
  • Is using animals in a circus acceptable?
  • Negative pets should be put to sleep.
  • It is inappropriate to use cell phones in classrooms.
  • Just like students, teachers should pass a professional test.
  • Student workloads should be lessened in schools.
  • High schools should be required to offer sex education.
  • Vlogging is not a legitimate career.
  • Is LinkedIn useful in terms of job search?
  • A significant factor in the growth of commercial prospects has been social media.
  • Is Java going out of style?
  • Should hiring managers review a candidate’s social media profiles?
  • It’s time to outlaw violent video games.
  • Muslim nations should allow alcohol usage.
  • Everyone should receive the Covid-19 vaccination.

Topics for Descriptive Essays

A descriptive essay uses sensory information to describe a particular item. The goal is to appeal to the reader’s five senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight).

The list of topics for persuasive essays for students is provided below.

  • The one who is in charge of improving my life.
  • Explain the advantages of a smartphone to a person from the 1960s.
  • The most intriguing work of art I’ve ever encountered.
  • Describe your first-ever romantic encounter.
  • How might a location that only exists in your mind appear?
  • Describe your encounter with a renowned individual.
  • Tell a stranger about yourself and your personality.
  • How will society function in 2050?
  • An event that changed my life irrevocably.
  • Your perfect day, in your opinion.
  • My first overseas journey.
  • The most critical occurrence in American history.
  • A well-liked book series that left you unimpressed.
  • A peek into my daily activities.
  • A typical day for an ER physician.
  • Visiting a museum.
  • The summer vacation movie I found most fascinating.
  • My favorite early memory.
  • A life-altering experience.
  • A situation that helped me believe again in people.
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Topics for Narrative Essays

Your objective in a narrative essay is to communicate a personal experience through storytelling. This type of imaginative writing depends on how compelling and compelling the topic is.

  • The list below includes some instances and suggestions for narrative theme ideas.
  • I learned from this experience that appearances might be misleading.
  • One week devoid of electronics and the internet.
  • How your first love affect your life.
  • How much of the person you are now is a result of your teachers?
  • A situation where you realized that your parents weren’t always correct.
  • The time when a person you didn’t like shocked you with their friendliness.
  • How technology has affected your interests and daily life.
  • A success outside of the classroom?
  • Which academic lesson has the most impact on your life?
  • The day you battled procrastination.
  • The instance in which you defied your parents.
  • A situation that rendered you powerless.
  • The time you wished you could have only one child.
  • A good deed you’ll never forget.
  • Loss of a close relative.
  • The thing you hate the most.
  • Your idea of the ideal weekend.
  • The life decisions you regret the most.
  • Your first time on a flight
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