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6 Tips to Writing a Winning Commercial Case Study

Taking down a comprehensible commercial law case study is a dream as it has several strings attached. From conducting thorough research to putting your assumptions into words and making them coherent, a lot of unappreciated work goes into the making. This is often why students get global assignment help where writers help students worldwide. 

However, you should know the tips to bring up a legit essay to excel in your career. So, here are they:

1. Read to comprehend

Once you have the case in hand, study it. And while you read through the lines, check if the case meets the following criteria:

· Provides an insight into the topic being studied

· Challenge the existing theories

You should have proper knowledge of the case in your repository to pick data out of it whenever in need. So, start by reading the facts and opinions, and eventually analyse the situation carefully.

2. Analysis properly

While you analyse the case, you should focus on two to five basic issues. The issues can include questions like what are the impacts of the issues, why do the issues exist, and who is responsible for the issues. In addition, analysing the study will help you introduce the protagonist at the beginning of the study, which is a noteworthy thing to do when writing a case study.

3. Describe the synopsis

The next thing you do is craft a summary of the case. A summary will reflect the problem that your readers will discover in the case study. Evidently, a summary is vital as it will expand on the issues under discussion. So, you should describe all the characters and issues of the study chronologically in this section.

4. Choose a solution

Writers should perform trial and error to find the best possible solution for the problem stated in the case study. You can review course readings and discussions and use your experience to find a set of solutions. Another way to find the solution is by brainstorming through the stated issue. After you brainstorm a set of solutions, select the solution that fits perfectly to the question. Make sure you consider the pros, cons, and strong evidence you have collected to find the best solution. 

5. The rule of law

The writer should determine the rule of law incorporated in the commercial law case study. You need to discover the best rule of law for every problem stated in the case study. So, make sure that the rule of law is relevant. However, you do not need to write down every rule of law. You can only review the rule of law applicable in the case you are studying. So, do that cautiously. 

6. Analyse

You should study the case profoundly as it is quintessential to drafting a grade-worthy case study. An in-depth analysis of the topic ensures that you do not miss out on any portion of the subject. So, how can you do this? Take notes while researching, gather facts and get the perfect solution for the problem. 


Writing a good case study is about finding a workable solution for those facing an issue. The solution should be based on the reasons the problem raised. Accordingly, you can use your judgment to provide a solution. 

Summary: To write a winning case study, you must be creative with the arguments. Here it would help if you argued based on facts and how they integrated them into your research. You can hire experts if you find it hard to write a case study independently. 

Author’s Bio: Alley John holds a PhD in law and is actively associated with MyAssignmenthelp.com. Here he offers law assignment help to students.

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