The Key Steps To Make Your Washing Machine


Make your washing machine: the rules for a successful laundry

Whether you have a porthole washing machine or any other model, the principles of laundry remain the same to do your washing machine well  :

  • sorting the laundry: separate the white, the dark colors and the lighter ones
  • sorting textiles: do not mix sheets or towels, jeans and delicate fabrics
  • preparation: don’t forget to empty the pockets of your clothes and if a pre-wash is necessary, apply stain remover to stubborn stains
  • washing: place the laundry in your machine, choose the appropriate program and start the cycle

Read labels carefully

Many agree that using a dishwasher is much easier than using a washing machine . What mainly differentiates these two tasks is that the cutlery does not have labels providing information on its specialities of washing, unlike household linen, Washing Machine Repair Services in Leicester clothing or stuff animals. Here’s how to decipher this key information:

  • the number display in a basin corresponds to the maximum recommend washing temperature
  • the presence of a triangle means that your textile will withstand bleaching, in particular using bleach
  • a hand immerse in a basin necessarily requires manual washing

Provide several baskets for your dirty laundry

Before doing your washing machine , sorting is essential. Skipping this step is like taking the risk of seeing a pretty white dress turn pink or blue. To make your work easier and save precious time, prefer different small baskets to a single large container. You can then drop white and beige on one side, dark colors on the other, and so on. It will then be necessary to be attentive to the type of fabric to be clean and, Washing Machine Repair Services in Leicester as indicate previously, you will never mix, for example, denim and silk, the first being much more resistant than the second. For the most fragile fibers, favor the use of laundry nets.

What temperature ?

Once your laundry has been sort, you must get down to the laundry itself, choosing a specific program according to the type of textile concerne. To allow you to do this easily, Home Appliances Repair Services associate the different programs they offer with the care symbols present on the labels of the clothes. All you have to do is refer to it and plan the same cycle for all fabrics with similar indications. However, Washing Machine Repair Services in Leicester it may happen that no mention is not specifie: then opt for a classic temperature, between 30° and 40°.

Finally, for laundry that tends to bleed, prefer cold washing.

What load size?

Your washing machine won’t work? Have you check the washing machine connection and everything is in place? You may have overload it. Indeed, washing machines are equip with a drum that can support a certain maximum load:

  • 5kg
  • 7kg
  • 9kg
  • 10 kg or more

A 5 kg machine is generally suitable for washing the daily laundry of two people. The larger the family, the more the choice of a large load is necessary. In particular, this avoids making several machines. The load capacity is generally indicate on the front, at the level of the name of the appliance or the brand. For duvets and large items, it is best to go to the laundromat. Indeed, Washing Machine Repair Services in Leicester the load of these professional washing machines is much higher than our domestic washing machines. Once there, an explanatory note informs you how to make a machine , you just have to follow the instructions.

How long does the wash take?

If, in the absence of precision, you hesitate as to the cleaning time to select, take these points into account:
  • a short duration (less than 30 minutes) is suitable for fine and lightly soil fabrics
  • if you have little time to do your washing machine , the same program can be chosen, provide that your laundry is not too dirty
  • a cycle of 40 to 50 minutes corresponding to the standard standard, it will accept thicker fabrics such as jeans or bath towels, but also those giving off a strong odor, such as sportswear, for example
  • a long wash, of at least 1 hour and generally called “intensive”, is finally recommend for very dirty laundry or laundry requiring a high temperature, such as bedding

What type of laundry?

After these tips for how to make a washing machine , the question of which detergent to use arises. There are several types of detergents:

  • liquid
  • in powder
  • in pod

They all contain washing agents, only the packaging changes. However, Washing Machine Repair Services in Leicester the powder tends to bleach clothes because it contains bleaching agents. It is perfectly suite for your white laundry. You can also find detergents:

  • hypoallergenic
  • scented
  • with natural agents (Marseille soap for example)

The temperature of the laundry to be washed can influence the choice of detergent. Indeed, there are effective cold detergents. These are ideal for laundry that is not too dirty . The washing temperature for sheets is generally higher, between 40 and 60°C, for cotton sheets. For this type of laundry, you can use a classic detergent that can be used at all temperatures.

Rinsing and drying

Most cycles include the rinsing phase, but before doing a washing machine , remember to check whether or not your clothes support ironing. This characteristic is usually indicate on their label by a cross out iron. If your linen is prohibite from ironing, it will then be advisable to opt for a specifically adapt programme.

For sensitive skin, as well as for baby clothes, you also have the option of selecting an additional rinse time. If you have a dryer or the drying option on your washing machine, Washing Machine Repair Services in Leicester finally proceed to this last step, but only if the fabrics concern accept this type of treatment or you risk burning them.


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