Does the weather affect your hair transplants?

There are two thoughts regarding a hair transplant; some individuals reason that winter is the best season, while others choose summer. We will discuss the benefits as well as the shortcomings of having hair surgery in both seasons. Panacea Global Hair Services, the Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi, has the best services, the latest technological resources, and a proficient medical staff. Our professionals are the soul of the clinic; they not only give you the most appropriate suggestions but also give you the expected results.

When you decide to go through with a hair transplant, you will be taking the first step towards having a bodily and a lifer-altering look change. No person around you, who meets you daily, can stay without asking you questions about this great change. Furthermore, you get your lost confidence and self-esteem back with regrown hair. According to our Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi, you can have your hair surgery regardless of concerns about season or weather; You just need to take care of your hair and health after the hair surgical operation.

Let us mention some pros and cons of having a Hair Transplant In winter and summer:


  •  The cooler temperature of winter prevents the probability of sweating contaminating surgically transplanted follicles.

For two weeks after undergoing an FUE operation, doctors recommend that individuals refrain from intensive exercise heavy work, and other activities that produce sweat.

  •  In the sweltering heat of India, even a little walk can produce sweat, which could be detrimental to newly grown hair. This is why winter considered a better season for Hair Surgery.


  • After the incisions are healed, you can expose to the sun, which provides Vitamin D in abundance, so your hair grows quicker and sheds less.
  • In the hot weather, the days are quieter and fewer people rush to operations. And additionally, most of the workers and learners offered holidays. For these reasons, this hot season considered better.
  • The hotter months make it possible for shorter hairstyles and a more pleasant recovery time after FUE surgery.

Now let us have a look at the probable cons:

  •  Short hair isn’t always a popular option in the cold season since colder and often harsher temperatures might cause a painful sensation on the exposed skin.
  • A hair surgical treatment requires customers to shave their heads, which might induce an intense chill on the top of the head on a cold winter day with the breeze blowing at a certain speed.
  • While it is critical to restrict sun exposure for a week after an FUE surgery, more significant levels of sunshine than usual in winter can assist freshly implanted grafts to get off to an excellent beginning in their new growth.

While exposure to dangerous ultraviolet rays and risking damage to follicles is a bad idea following a hair transplant, a little mild sunshine is really beneficial to hair and skin health.

FUE procedure is better than FUT because, at our institute, a patient is given a 25-year guarantee of newly grown hair; furthermore, the precision skill of the doctors involves no pain during implant. If you are looking for a skilled hair transplantation surgeon, then waste no time in You can book your appointment online at our website, where you can see the before and after results of our patients as well.

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