The Best Tour Package For Camping In Thimphu

Camping, as we all know, is full of adventure and joy, and it allows us to connect with our loved ones and nature. But that’s merely the beginning. Did you know that sleeping in a tent under the stars has numerous health benefits? These benefits, which range from improved physical and mental health to a desire to reconnect with nature, mean that there are even more reasons to go camping in Thimphu. The desire to get outside is the catalyst for arranging a camping trip. Once you’ve decided to go camping, all you have to do is choose a date, select a destination, pack your camping gear, and book your trip with Norbu Bhutan travel Pvt. Ltd you are set to go. 


#1. Pumola Camping In Thimphu

Pumola Camping in Thimphu

The Pumola route follows the river below Phajoding Monastery to the Pomola campsite in Thimphu. It winds through a blue pine forest with a varied plant and animal life, including the famous rhododendron. This yak herding road takes you through various grazing areas. The benefit is that there will be plenty of grasslands for you to camp near the fields. There’s a large boulder in the middle of the path just as it rejoins the river. It’s a great area to stop for lunch, snacks, or to set up camp. 

Continue to the left after crossing the river. It frequently splits and rejoins, so it makes little difference which way you take. If you lose sight of the trail in a meadow, keep climbing uphill and you should be able to find it again. Once you reach the Pomola Pass, marked by a chorten, a trail leads back to Thimphu town. By taking the path to the left, you can return to Thimphu Buddha Point. Before you move, make sure you have adequate time. Spend the night at the lunch spot or your camping spot before departing early the next morning to see the vista of town from Buddha Point.


#2. Phajoding Camping In Thimphu

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Locals and foreigners alike enjoy visiting Phajoding, a famous trekking and camping destination in Thimphu. It’s a well-worn path, but the lush vegetation along the way will help you forget about the long walk.

Because the Druk Path (a mountain path that connects Paro and Thimphu) begins and finishes here, horse herders and trekkers and hikers frequently pass through this area. The starting location is above the Takin Reserve (Motithang). The starting place is clearly identified with a signboard. At the sign, the trail heads up the hill or along the river; follow the way up the hill because the other path leads to Pumola.


#3. Thari Goenpa Camping In Thimphu

Thari Goemba Camping in Thimphu

Thari Goempa camping is one of the most comfortable and simple camping options in Thimphu. You can visit there in a day and return, but since you’re here to experience the excitement of camping, spending a night along the road will replenish your mind and soul.

Thari Goemba is perched on the side of a mountain on the east side of Thimphu. The starting site is located directly above Yangchenphug High School (YHS); you must go through the school to get there. Continue climbing until you notice a route branching off to the left of the road. This trek will provide you with stunning views of Thimphu Valley from the east, as well as the opportunity to photograph it.

Traveling is the most effective way to expand one’s horizons. Camping in Thimphu while traveling, on the other hand, enriches and improves the experience. Capital city is also one of the most beautiful places to visit in Bhutan. Hills and mountains surround the city, giving a lovely setting in which to unwind and reconnect with nature. Thimphu camping is great for those who enjoy trekking and camping and are always looking for new activities.

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