Leafy Greens Smoothies Ideas For Diabetics

A diabetic patient must know the necessity of consuming more fresh produce than processed or packaged foods. A lot of diabetics already add a range of fruits and veggies in their diet. Combination ensures:

  • proper fibre consumption
  • aids lower cholesterol
  • lose weight
  • control blood glucose levels.

But sometimes, it might be hard to consume 3-4 servings of veggies with meal. To overcome this shortage, having a smoothie may be beneficial. Juicing aids, a person receives vital vitamins and minerals from veggies. Also, it is a better alternative than junk food during snack time. As per a 2020 CDC report, millions of people have diabetes and prediabetes. If a person is living with and learning diabetes management, then he or she is not alone.

A low carb, low glucose, and high fiber diet is fundamental in managing blood glucose. This implies a diet containing:

  • whole veggies
  • leafy greens
  • whole fruit
  • healthy proteins including nuts and seeds.

It may appear as a lot of salads right? That’s where smoothies assist! The best diabetic smoothies let a combination of an endless combination of fruits, veg, seeds, and nuts. This provides a delicious, filling meal with a huge range of flavor. There are several yummy smoothie recipes for diabetics to try as well. Some smoothies are made from whole, organic, leafy greens, fruits, and seeds. This gives a good blood sugar control.

Blood Sugar Benefits of Leafy Greens

Having foods with low carbs, low sugar, and high fiber are essential while working to control the glucose levels. Leafy greens offer all these needs. Spinach is the best leafy green to begin adding to a person’s diet. As, it has a high amount of fiber as well as a low glycemic index. Also, it has high amounts of polyphenols and vitamin C. Both these have antioxidant properties that play a key role in keeping blood sugar levels controlled. Kale is another leafy veggie that offers similar benefits. Due to kale’s high amount of fiber, its metabolism is not fast. And, it takes extremely long time to digest. And, this is another way to avoid glucose spikes. Other leafy greens to consider may include bok choy, cabbage, and collard greens. All of these offer similar characteristics.

Super Smoothies with leafy greens:

  • Green Super Smoothie: Spinach
  • Cacao Super Smoothie: Kale

Diabetes-Friendly Fruits

Citrus fruits and berries both exert powerful anti-diabetic effects. Citrus fruits offer antioxidants, vitamin C, and potassium. These have low amount of carbs. Berries comprise a high level of antioxidants and fiber. And, this makes them a nourishing and sweet smoothie component while remaining healthy.

There are some fruits with low glycemic fruits (under 56). People consume them with high-fiber vegetables. Some of the examples can include:

  • Cacao Super Smoothie: Bananas
  • Clementine Super Smoothie: Clementines
  • Berry Super Smoothie: Blueberries & Strawberries
  • Green Super Smoothie: Apples & Pineapple

Super Seeds and Diabetic Diet

Seeds contain high fiber, low carbohydrates. These helps control blood sugar levels for diabetics. For instance, both flaxseeds and chia seeds contain viscous fiber. This helps in reducing blood sugar levels by delaying the process of food absorption in the gut.

  • Berry Super Smoothie: Hemp Seeds
  • Cacao Super Smoothie: Sunflower Seeds
  • Clementine Super Smoothie: Pumpkin Seeds
  • Green Super Smoothie: Flax Seeds

Healthy Diabetic Diet choices starts with Breakfast

What about a delicious diabetic breakfast smoothie? The simplest way to add these foods into diet is by incorporating them to a smoothie. Smoothies might make it simpler to have more fruits and veggies. Many smoothies come with organic, whole fruits and veggies with no added sugar. They are just perfect diet for diabetic patients. They are designed to be the perfect morning meal or snack.

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