Better Not Touch These When You Just Got Teeth Whitening!

Following a teeth whitening Penang ‘s procedure, you might feel motivated to approach random people and flash your bright smile. Treatments for teeth whitening Penang can have a dramatic impact, reviving stained teeth to a bright white. A radiant white smile can make you look younger, give you the courage to smile in public, and give off an upbeat, contented impression. After all, a beautiful smile communicates to others that we take our health and hygiene seriously. Our teeth are a window into our health.


Following a teeth-whitening procedure, you don’t want to ruin your results by consuming meals that will reverse the wonderful results you’ve obtained. These foods can disrupt our efforts to maintain a brilliant white grin. They are available everywhere and seem harmless enough when they are presented to us in a to-go cup.


Knowing which foods to avoid is important if you really want to keep your teeth white after whitening treatment, especially in the first 48 hours. Your teeth are more susceptible to staining at this time, so you should be especially careful to avoid foods that might do so.


Following a teeth-whitening procedure, certain foods will stain your teeth:




Without our morning coffee, afternoon pick-me-up, or evening espresso, life just isn’t the same, but you should stay away from coffee after a teeth-whitening procedure. Coffee is an acidic beverage, which makes it particularly corrosive to the enamel of our teeth. Coffee’s dark colour doesn’t help; in fact, drinking coffee causes our teeth to become more and more stained with each cup. To replace the custom of drinking coffee following a teeth-whitening procedure, try sipping clear herbal tea. It’s a good idea to occasionally cut back on caffeine, and doing so will protect your teeth from the staining effects of coffee in the interim.


A red wine


When we mentioned that the foods that can leave the most stains are the best, we weren’t joking. Red wine’s ability to stain teeth is probably something you’ve already experienced; after downing a hefty Cabernet, your smile may have turned scarlet. Red wine may be a great way to relax (and has health advantages for the heart and longevity), but it is also one of the most stain-causing drinks available. After receiving teeth whitening Penang ‘s treatment, abstain from drinking entirely. Alcohol’s acidity damages the enamel on your teeth, and even white wine can leave a significant stain.




The bane of every dentist’s existence is soda. It makes sense given that the amber colour, sugar content, and carbonation-induced acidity make it a nightmare for freshly whitened teeth. If you have a strong soda need, choose club soda and sip it with a straw.


Tahini Sauce


Everything gets stained by tomato sauce, including tablecloths, toddlers’ faces, and most definitely teeth. Even while tomato sauce is generally a highly nutritious option, it’s not the ideal option for your teeth after whitening. A tomato’s acidity and vivid red colour create a stain on freshly whitened teeth. Spaghetti and marinara should not be used to undo your dentist’s labour of love. A white cream sauce is a better option to preserve the effects of your treatment.




Blueberries are nutritious, tasty, and packed with antioxidants. But they also ruin everything they come into contact with by staining it beyond recognition.


Eating blueberries will immediately muck up your newly whitened teeth because they are like a blank canvas. Blueberries are an acidic berry that contains plant pigments, making them harmful for freshly whitened teeth. Approximately one week after getting your teeth whitened, consume blueberries. Apples are the fruit of choice that is safest for now.


What to eat next? To maintain your teeth’s best-looking whiteness, centre your diet around the following foods:


  • Rice
  • Yogurt
  • Uncooked eggs
  • Porridge
  • Bananas
  • Coconut
  • Bread
  • Sushi
  • Deli meat
  • Sweetened rice
  • Milk
  • Ice creams with a vanilla flavour


You can start adding staining foods back into your diet after a few days. However, indulging in them right after after treatment will waste the time, money, and work you put into achieving that gorgeous white smile. Red wine can wait; you’ve earned it with your smile.


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