6 Advantages Of Chinese Tuina Massage

Based on the traditional Chinese technique of bodywork, the Chinese tuina massage is a kind of therapeutic massage. Its origins are in eastern medicinal practices that aim to enhance the qi (or energy) flow via your body’s meridians. The Chinese tuina massage may be used as a kind of preventive treatment in addition to treating disease, discomfort, and pain. 

Along with Chinese dietetics, acupuncture, herbal treatment, and movement therapies like qi gong and tai chi, tuina is one of the five fundamental pillars of TCM. Chinese tuina massage practitioners hold the view that sickness or discomfort may start when there are blockages and imbalances in your meridians.

Massage treatment has a variety of positive health effects, and these effects vary somewhat depending on the style of massage used.

Tuina, which is pronounced “twee-nah,” literally translates as “pinch and pull” to encourage qi flow and whole-body harmony. You will experience this squeeze and pull throughout the massage treatment session, therefore the name of the massage is fitting. Due to the fact that it targets pressure spots on the body, this therapy is somewhat comparable to acupuncture. It does not, however, use needles. 

To apply pressure and activate pressure points, TCM massage Singapore practitioners use their fingers, palms, elbows, and knees. Tuina is also known as the “high art of physical contact” due to this reason. Discover how this kind of massage treatment works and all of its possible health advantages below.

The Workings of Chinese Tuina Massage

The balance between what’s inside of you and what’s outside of you is fundamental to the tuina concept. To remove blockages and other disturbances that show up as physical sickness, emotional disorders, and mental health problems, practitioners work to establish a balance of yin and yang.

In order to achieve qi (energy) and xue (blood) balance and achieve optimum health, tuina uses the same meridians and acupoints. Receiving this massage treatment might help you regain equilibrium and clear any qi stagnation. From a light touch to a more intense deep-tissue massage, the practitioner should utilize pressure and oscillation methods at varying speeds and intensities.

During a Tuina Massage Session, What to Expect

Light pressure is equivalent to the yin, which is more contemplative and quiet. To restore function, this usually targets muscles and joints. Yang, on the other hand, is more muscular, dynamic, and vigorous in order to provide more stimulating sensations for releasing knots and realigning the whole body by employing full body manipulation methods (nei gung).

Generally speaking, a variety of strategies are applied to satisfy your unique demands. Herbal cures and natural healing salves are used as supplementary therapies to improve your tuina massage experience. The same methods employed in acupressure, reflexology, myofascial release, osteopathy, and chiropractic mobilizations are applied in tuina massage. 

The fundamental tuina procedures are:

  • Holding (na) (na)
  • Kneading (mo)
  • Lifting (ti) (ti)
  • Opposing (duan)
  • Palpating (mo)
  • Pressing (an)
  • Pushing (tui)
  • Rejoining (jie)
  • advantages of tuina

Tuina offers a wide variety of advantages, including the ability to cure physical aches and pains, deal with certain ailments, reduce stress, improve sleep, and maintain general health and well-being. It is an adjunct to Western medicine, particularly in cases of musculoskeletal or nervous system injuries or illnesses. The best part is that it benefits individuals of all ages. 

Check out some particular advantages of receiving a tuina massage:

1. Encourages Healthful Blood Flow

Tuina’s main advantages are its promotion of healthy energy flow and stimulation of blood circulation. Studies have shown that 10 minutes of medium force manipulation of the BL56 acupoint is quite effective. Keep in mind that proper circulation keeps blood nutrient- and oxygen-rich through every organ, which is necessary for sustaining maximum health. As a consequence, you might keep your heart healthy, encourage the healing of wounds, and keep your mind bright.

2. Lift Your Spirit

People with depression and anxiety benefit greatly from tuina’s holistic approach to treatment since these conditions put them under a lot of physical, emotional, and mental strain. According to 2015 research, tuina massage may be more effective than traditional therapy in reducing the symptoms of depression.

3. Promote Postpartum Breastfeeding

If you desire to breastfeed, tuina may be extremely beneficial. Your milk production could rise if you have tuina treatments applied to your breasts. According to studies, tuina massage may speed up the process by which new moms make more milk.

4. Address Diabetes-Related Foot Issues

Due to its distance from the heart and the weight it bears, the foot has the worst circulation. This is not a concern for those with a healthy constitution. However, diabetics often have foot issues as a result of their illness. 

Fatty deposits in blood vessels brought on by high blood sugar levels lead to even worse blood flow in the lower extremities. An early-stage diabetic foot may benefit greatly from tuina massage and a Chinese herbal foot bath, according to one clinical trial, with patients demonstrating improvement.

5. Assist Cancer Victims

Tuina massage might enhance the therapy of cancer. For patients who want to manage symptoms from both the illness and more conventional therapies like chemotherapy or radiation therapy, it is a practical option. The quality of life for cancer patients may be significantly enhanced by tuina massage, according to the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management.

6. Address specific disorders

In order to cure internal ailments including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), premenstrual syndromes, digestive difficulties, reproductive problems, and pulmonary problems, tuina aims to balance the meridians.

Consult a professional before pursuing alternative therapies

It is crucial to consult your doctor before using Chinese tuina massage to treat any medical problem, despite the fact that it may be quite useful in treating a variety of health issues. Your doctor could approve of you receiving a tuina massage as an additional therapy to traditional Western medicine.

For people who are prone to fractures, bruising, and venous inflammations, tuina massage may not be appropriate. Additionally, if you have an open wound, you should avoid this treatment. Speak with your doctor to see whether this massage is a good therapeutic option for you.

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