Is One Air Purifier Enough for Your Home?

Air purifier is an easy, inexpensive way to improve your indoor air quality and make your home safer to live in. But if you have a large space or multiple levels in your home, one air purifier might not be enough to keep the whole house’s air clean enough to breathe easily.

Are you an allergy sufferer?

Air purifiers and luftrenare are generally quite good at removing airborne allergens, dust, and other small particulates that can cause irritation. Air purifiers are particularly good at removing mold spores. However, they do not remove odors or gases or anything else that isn’t a solid. For example, if you have an allergy to cigarette smoke or cooking fumes coming through your windows then your air purifier won’t be able to help you with those odors—you’ll need some sort of air-filtering device in your venting system instead.

Why one air purifier isn’t enough

air purifiers might just be a waste of money. There are many factors to consider, including how big your home is and what types of issues you’re trying to remedy with an air cleaner. Many people buy a HEPA air purifier (air cleaners) thinking it will solve all their health concerns, but that simply isn’t true. For example, if you have allergies and want to test air purifier, one air cleaner probably won’t be enough because not only do you need a clean space—you need clean air circulating throughout your whole house to benefit from it. Fortunately there is good news: If you have fewer rooms in your house or live in a smaller area, it’s possible that one air cleaner might suffice for your needs.

What do I look for in an air purifier

There are two types of air purifiers – air cleaners and air purifiers. Air cleaners work by ionizing large particles in a room, and while they do help clear out dust and particles in your home, they can also take care of allergies, asthma and other breathing conditions in some cases. Air purifiers use luftrenare HEPA filters to trap more difficult-to-see particles like mold spores or pet dander, making them much better at cleaning indoor air quality. If you want an air cleaner, look for one with an ionizer so it can also be effective against allergens.

How much will an air purifier cost me

Air purifiers typically fall between $150-$1,000 on average. The cost is determined by size of the air cleaner and brand name. Test air purifiers to determine if you like them and which ones work best in your home. When purchasing an air cleaner, look for a company that offers a warranty on their products. You will want to check out both local options and online options when shopping for an air purifier or air cleaner system. Air purification systems are available at most major retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target and more; look online to find one that is within your budget range.

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