How Can We Use RFID For Tracking And Inventory Management?

Do you want to track something, or are you looking for reliable technology to help you manage your inventory? RFID can be a great help in this regard. People around the world are already using RFID technology for several reasons. In this blog, we will focus on how we can use RFID to track and manage our inventories.

Radio Wave Frequency Identification, popularly known as RFID, has recently gained huge popularity. Reliability, short time-lapse, and comparative cost are reasons behind its success. Small and medium retail shops can be benefitted from RFID retail tracking to locate their products. Read the full write-up to know how.

RFID Components

An RFID system consists of four major components. Those are-

  1. RFID Tags

RFID tags are the basic component used for tracking and managing items. These tags will act as sensors. You can store information in RFID tags and retrieve them further if you want. There are two types of RFID tags available in the market: active and passive.

Active tags are expensive and can be used for a longer range. Passive RFID tags are not as expensive as active ones, but they have a short working range. The main difference between an active and passive tag is that active tags carry their power source with them, whereas passive tags don’t have any power source. You can look for RFID technology companies to buy the best RFID tags.

  1. RFID Readers

When you take an RFID tag near a reader, it can read the data stored in the tag. One of the major advantages of using RFID technology is that we can remove the stored data and reuse them whenever we want.

  1. Antennas

For the best experience, we need to install an antenna in your shop or warehouse. These antennas propagate radio waves necessary for an RFID system’s work. Radio waves are reliable and don’t break down easily.

  1. RFID Management Software

Last but not the least, we need to set up RFID management software to monitor the whole system. We can access all the data stored in RFID tags and many more using RFID software. Whether healthcare or retail, you need this central software to manage the complete operation regardless of where you use the RFID system.

How To Track Something With RFID?

When you are looking to track something using RFID, you need to place a tag with that item. We can easily track an RFID tag using the reader and RFID software. Look for reliable RFID solution companies to buy all the components.

Setting Up An RFID System

Two major things we need to set up for asset tracking. First, we need a truss setup on the item we will track and a side panel set up so we can receive all the necessary data for real-time tracking.

Install antennas in your working place for better signaling. If you have a warehouse and most of your tracking takes place in that place, you can preinstall some of the antennas to propagate the radio waves evenly. You can take expert help if you are facing problems with the installations. You can learn to manage RFID software easily. Once you are accustomed to the system, tracking an item is a cakewalk.

How Can We Manage Inventory Using RFID?

Maybe you are wondering why we need to track items. When you can remotely track something and get data from it, you can easily manage your inventory. Previously, we had to do the inventory all on our own. Multiple people have to work round the clock to monitor your warehouse’s ongoing and outgoing items.

RFID has decreased our workload by a huge amount. Now all you have to do is tag all the items once and for all. When the products are tagged, you can receive all the information remotely. Their current position, price, and other details are just a click away from you. RFID has enabled companies to become future-free.

Advantages Of Using RFID Inventory Management Software :

We have discussed all the details about RFID tracking and inventory management. Here are some reasons you should install the RFID system for your warehouse.

  1. The most important benefit of using RFID inventory management software is that it can save time and human effort. For example, previously, we needed to assign at least five to seven employees for inventory checking in a small or medium-sized company. If you install RFID, you just need a person to tag all the items and a person to control the inventory management system.
  2. We can track items using GPS, but installing a GPS for a small company is almost impossible. RFID has a more comparative price and can benefit us in the long run.
  3. Learning and controlling RFID inventory management software is easy. Anyone can learn to use this software in just a few days.
  4. Companies that are into delivering business find it useful to use RFID tracking. We can even track a movable object using this tracking system.

Several other benefits are also there. We have mentioned just the top ones. If you are convinced and want to install RFID in your workplace, consult an experienced person and then look for a reliable company that helps you provide all the items and sets up the whole system for you.


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