Why do level 2 electricians differ from a normal electricians

Live electricity is no laughing matter, so it is always good to seek professional assistance when problems arise. You will want to have a pair of trusted hands-on-deck that can handle whatever comes their way, whether it is basic wiring, safety tests, connection issues, or anything in between. But what if the task at hand goes beyond the basics and necessitates something more? That is when you will require the services of a level 2 electrician in Sydney. The electrician will differ depending on the electrical work and if you need to repair simple work, hire the electrician who is suitable for that. Otherwise, if your building has complicated problems, employ the one suitable. Not all electricians are appropriate for all types of electrical work. Let’s see the why level 2 electricians differ from normal electricians:

Normal electrician 

Ordinary electricians primarily focus on maintaining and repairing your home or office electric system. If you ever have an electrical emergency in your home, you can immediately contact a regular electrician to have it checked out. An ordinary electrician will assist in replacing a faulty wiring system and installing or repairing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) for wet areas in the home. They will replace blown course breakers and restore loose poor switches in the house. Ordinary electricians are professionally trained and licensed to connect your property to the existing network and improve the capacity of the electrical grid.

Level 2 electricians

Level 2 electricians have a better education and can perform more advanced work for clients. They will have completed specialized training and be licensed to perform repairs, maintenance, and level 2 electrical installations on various electrical components. This covers overhead and subsurface electrical work that connects a customer’s house or company to a power grid. This is a significant distinction between level 2 electricians and regular operators.

Services provided by common and level 2 electricians

Smart metering

Level 2 asp electricians are qualified to install smart meters that track energy consumption. Energy firms use these devices to determine how much they should charge clients. Depending on the design arrangement of the property, a smart meter can be installed either indoors or outdoors.

Common electricians, on the other hand, lack the competence to manage smart metering because it requires them to study a great deal. Then there are numerous challenging tasks that they cannot readily complete. They must be well prepared to handle this work.

Disconnection and reconnection

Electrical distributors have the authority to disconnect a customer’s power supply for various reasons, including nonpayment of an electricity bill for several months or safety concerns. Because they are capable of doing so, the electricity distributors will entrust the best level 2 service provider Sydney to disconnect the power supply. They will also assign a level 2 electrician to reconnect the power supply once the difficulties are resolved. The common electrician only does simple disconnection and reconnection work and does not know the full process. Because there are so many tasks to manage, it will be a difficult chore for them, and they will not be able to handle everything.

Power upgrades

Residential properties with a single-phase configuration can be upgraded to a three-phase set up by Level 2 accredited electricians. This type of work necessitates the use of specialized tools and skills to change the wiring system. Upgrades to your power supply might boost your output and allow you to use more power. The common electrician only knows basic things, so they are not suitable for doing the whole power upgrade.

Meter installation

Level 2 electricians can repair cable damage caused by high temperatures and harsh circumstances. Such corrosion can expose the inner copper wires to the air, posing a number of risks. Qualified professionals should always be brought in to deal with these issues securely. The common electricians cannot do the meter installation works, and they are eligible for doing the basic work.

Underground and overhead power supply

Electricity can be transmitted in two ways such as overhead power lines or subsurface power lines. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and one may be necessary over the other depending on the location of your property, among other variables. Underground power necessitates the burying of wires, whereas overhead power necessitates building power poles. Level 2 electricians are capable of performing this type of work and replacing broken electric poles or cables. Installing electricity meters is the responsibility of Level 2 electricians. A power meter is a device that allows you to keep track of your power usage and to invoice for all home and business premises. The common electrician doesn’t know about the entire work of underground and overground power supply work.

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Final verdict

As a result, the above is about the difference between a level 2 electrician and a normal electrician. Compared to a regular electrician, a level 2 electrician has a wide range of skills and abilities to manage all aspects of electrical work. They will be capable of doing any electrical chores.

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