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Top 10 Universities to Pursue PhD in Law in UK


Learning about law allows you to develop skills and explore the many facets of human existence. Deciding to study law in the UK indicates that you will develop the knowledge and talents necessary to cooperate with foreign law firms and schools. This post will examine the top UK universities where you may study, as determined by the most recent QS University Rankings.

  1. Oxford University

Undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs are offered by the Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford in subjects including law, finance and jurisprudence. The university’s student-to-faculty ratio is approximately 7:1. The institution has a 17.5% acceptance rate.

  1. The Cambridge University

Cambridge University 38% of the student body of this university is made up of international students. The institution has a 21% admission rate.

  1. University College London (UCL)

UCL Laws confers degrees in law at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. There are fifteen separate research facilities on campus. The institution has a 63% admission rate.

  1. The London School of Economics and Political Science

Better staff impresses. In Law and Account, and a double record. L L M L M of Master of Laws, Executor Electrician L L M, and Short Course on Inlayation. The penetration rate is 8.9%.

  1. Edinburgh University

In the centre of Edinburgh, the Edinburg Law School, a division of Edinburg University, was established in 1707. The institution offers studies in law, business, policy, or politics within the EU and abroad. 42% of the student body of this university is made up of international students. The institution has a 10% acceptance rate.

  1. King’s College London

One of the first law schools to be created in England was the Dickson Poon School of Law at King’s College London. The institution provides undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and executive courses. The institution has a 13% acceptance rate.

  1. The University of Manchester School

The University Of Manchester School Of Social Sciences at Manchester University provides 21 Mater’s programs, two postgraduate research programs, and courses in LLB Law, LLB Law with Criminology, LLB International Study, and LLB Politics. The institution has a 56.1% admission rate.

  1. The University of Warwick School of Law

The University Of Warwick School Of Law provides research degrees, five LLB programs, five BA courses, and five LLM courses.  The institution has a 14% acceptance rate.

  1. University of Bristol The University

University of Bristol The University of Bristol School provides LLB Law, LLB Law, and other undergraduate and graduate studies.  The institution has a 60% acceptance rate.

  1. The University of Glasgow School of Law

The University of Glasgow School of Law, which is affiliated with the university, offers programs in LLB Common Law and LLB Scots Law. Postgraduate Research Programs, Postgraduate Taught Programs, and Diplomas in Professional Legal Practice. 38% of the student body of this university is made up of international students. The institution has a 70% acceptance rate.

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