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Learn about  PTE Reorder Paragraphs

 at the tips for PTE Reordering paragraphs immediately. This is among the most important tasks of the Reading section. In this assignment, we’ll receive four to five paragraphs that are arranged in a messy order. We must arrange it in a logical fashion and make sure that it’s in proper order.


The main skill required here is understanding the way these sentences connect to one another. It may be a grammatical relationship like pronoun and noun that are in different paragraphs, or it could be a connection between different time periods, a short form of names, or any other logic-based relationship.


Sometimes, we’ll get simple questions from reordering paragraphs and could be able to order it in 30 seconds, however, sometimes it can take up to four minutes to determine. However, with a few methods and strategies, such as locating independently-written sentences and supporting phrases, such as examples of the definitions, or any connection to the preceding sentence We can place an order in 2 to 2.5 minutes. Learn more about pte reorder paragraphs, from top experts


Scoring structure

Reorder paragraphs contribute a maximum of 6 marks. This is a significant assignment that can help you get a score of 79+. The task is scored on every pair of correct related sentences. Every correct pairing is awarded a single mark, however, there aren’t any negative markings.


For instance, if you choose the right answer ABCDE one mark will be given in each of the pairs: AB, BC, CD, and DE so a total of 4 marks will be provided. If you place an order for the wrong pair there will be no marks given to that pair on its own. Only marks will be awarded for pairs that are correct. There will be no marks that are based on the correct order of every sentence but will be awarded only on the basis of the proper pairs. Look out for all the examples at Pte multiple choice single answer,


In this case (ACBED) In this case, you’ll be awarded 0 points since there isn’t a proper pair. This is a clear indication that “A” is in the correct place but you won’t be awarded marks for this.


Strategies in the PTE Reorder Paragraph with helpful suggestions

We will explore various strategies and examples right now. It is necessary to follow the rules in working on the reordering paragraph to place it in the right order.


Look for the independent sentence

The sentence must be understood in a comprehensive manner without being dependent upon another sentence. It should not be a reference and is not tied to other sentences. The independent sentence gives an insight into the passage and introduces someone or a subject. If you’re not able to locate that independent sentence takes it the other method. Find out which sentence isn’t an independent sentence.

Two sentences that are independent

Sometimes, you could be confused with two separate sentences. In this case, you need to determine the cause of the truth based on the facts. Be aware of the facts. You must have a good idea of the date and time that this incident took place.



  1. The immigration policy has been changed following Donald Trump’s election as President.
  2. It was noted that the US policy on immigration was a success during the year 2010.


For instance, If they refer to the time of Trump as president, it must be after the year 2016. Both of these could be independent sentences. Based on when Trump was elected President we need to arrange the sentence in accordance with the year. This is a very simple illustration. Keep in mind that your first paragraph of a paragraph will typically be the beginning of the paragraph.

Definite and indefinite articles

Words that have articles such as A, ‘An’ and The. An as well as An are indefinite words, that serve to introduce the topic. “The” is a specific word, used to refer to the subject twice.


Examples and definitions

It’s simple. If you have a look at the examples, there must be an explanation or definition provided in the second paragraph.

Pronouns and Nouns

If you are able to see pronouns, such as”he or she,” and then in the next sentence, the noun i.e. who the individual is is spoken of. Find those sentences and then order them as nouns in the beginning and then followed by the pronoun. Therefore, the pronoun must always be followed by the noun. In order to be more specific, we can use the terms general noun and a specific noun.



  1. There are three banks operating in Scotland.
  2. Bank of Scotland is the first bank.


Acronyms, Shortforms, and Acronyms

Short forms of the place names and names of people or the name like “the researcher” or “the scientist’ should always appear in conjunction with the full form. Sometimes, we might find the last name of the individual within the initial sentence, and their full name in the next sentence. In this situation, it is important to make sure that the sentence with the full name must be placed in the first position. In the same way, acronyms like PTE must be based on the full description which is the Pearson Test of English


Time periods

The time periods may not always follow the chronological order. Based on the years given and their supporting information consider the present and past, and then come to a conclusion. It is possible to find the time period in different sentences, which may confuse your mind, and you could be prone to making an error. Do not do a blind following of the sequence. Be aware of the context and determine the right sequence. Sometimes, based on the grammar of the language, like is/was/will be, you can determine the proper sequence.


The 1920s and 1930s. If they refer to the 1920s, it’s between 1930 and 1920. The 1930s refers to the period from 1930 until 1940. If they are talking about the beginning of the 1920s, then that is from 1921 until 1925. Learn these basic concepts.


Transition words

Words that transition from one word to another like Firstly Second, Third, and finally will always appear in the order. Additionally or However is always the main argument. Therefore, throughout – These are all concluding sentences. Sometimes, the sentence may be either before or after the concluding point.



This is the end of reordering paragraphs. Keep in mind all the rules we have that are discussed in this article and apply to each of the questions. They are among the more important rules we are usually given. I hope that these strategies and tricks will aid you in solving the PTE paragraph reordering. Do your best, and you’ll be able to finish as fast as you can.


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