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A brief guide on Noida preschool for your child

Preschool, also known as Playschool, is a place where your kids can learn through play and excitement. It’s a time of joy, excitement, and a new horizon for your little ones. This is your child’s most crucial developmental stage because it affects the growth of his brain and strengthens neural connections, which are essential to his lifelong development.

Every parent wants the best possible play school education for their children, so they look for a preschool that can give them the ideal curriculum. To make an appropriate and informed choice when selecting a Noida preschool for your kid, parents must have a thorough awareness of the various curricula being taught at the preschool level today. In addition, it’s important to know in-depth what criteria parents should consider while selecting a curriculum.

What is a curriculum?


To start, it’s important to understand what the phrase “curriculum” actually implies. Every educational programme, including daily activities and routines that have an impact on a child’s intellectual, physical, social, linguistic, and spiritual wellbeing, falls within the definition of a curriculum.

A curriculum that prioritises the children’s intellectual, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual well-being must be developed to match their needs. This is based on three crucial elements;

  1. Intensity of interest
  2. Adaptability
  3. gaining a child’s focus

The pre-school curriculum should be centred on the child’s sound growth, which should encompass overall skills and cognitive development, reading and maths skills, physical skills, and socioeconomic development, according to the National Centre on Quality Teaching and Learning’s recommendations.

The most effective programmes for teachers ought to know exactly what they intend to teach. A curriculum should also be able to give teachers instructions for setting up a setting in the classroom that attempts to improve the students’ linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Depending on the individual’s needs, several curricula are used in Noida preschool all across the world. Montessori method is the more prevalent one and Global Indian International School has Global Montessori curricula for their pre-school in Noida

What is the Montessori method?


A child-centred educational strategy built on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood, the Montessori Method was created by Dr. Maria Montessori. The Dr. Montessori Method has been practised in numerous nations for more than a century.

The Montessori method is based on the observation that when infants use all of their senses. They appear to comprehend complex statements more effectively. Personal care (like dressing and undressing) and environmental care (such sweeping, dusting, and gardening) are activities included in this sort of curriculum. Kids exhibit greater interest in practical tasks when given a free choice.

Last words

It’s not easy to choose a Noida preschool for your child. But by proper research, you can find the ideal location where you can leave your child in peace. In the city, there isn’t really a concept of “The Best” preschool, to put it bluntly. You should also look into the international school fee structures before you go for your choice. The best preschool for your child is the one that best suits his or her personality. Therefore, you should be aware of your child’s personality before starting your search for preschool options. While some kids love to read books, others enjoy reading about the people around them. While some people enjoy being actively involved, others would rather stand in the corner and observe. 

Every child is different, and as every child is different, each child’s preferences are also different. But even so, there are some things you must consider while looking for a home away from home. Decide cautiously which preschool to enrol your child in.

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