Latest Trending Printed Shirts for Men

It sounds amazing when we use the word ‘trending’ with fashion or anything. Some people think fashion is all about celebs and creative wear but fashion is all about what crazy things you do with the simplest thing you have.

In this fashion world, there are no rules and regulations to style. Every outfit could make you look trendy if you know how to carry yourself but it’s not a big deal to learn it quickly and with ease.

Let’s go ahead and check out the 5 latest trending printed shirts for men.

Top 5 trending printed shirts to style in.

1. Embroidered shirts for Men

Seeing the latest trends in the market, Indian festivals have made the embroidery prints first choice for men. Going to a wedding, attending some traditional or any official ceremony, everyone is just wearing Kurtas and suits but if you want to differentiate yourself from the crowd, check out the embroidered shirts for men available. 

Other than traditional/official things, you can wear embroidered shirts for your dates to impress with your unique styling, heating your stage performances with the shining features of embroidery.

2. Striped shirts for Men

All the way back from the 90s, striped shirts are again making everyone amused with their classy looks and colorful vibes. Whether to style yourself for Clubbing, House warming parties, office meetings or to wear them casually, Striped shirts fit in with everything and will make everyone fall in love with your style. 

There are too many patterns and designs available for striped shirts for men in unique color combinations and is something that suits everyone.

3. Abstract Printed shirts

Colors are the most important element for fashion or styling, and abstract prints have it all with their unique color combination and natural looks, whether you are going to a party or for an interview, you don’t have to think twice before wearing abstract printed shirts.

Abstract printed shirts make you seem joyful and pleasant to others, and you have a lot of options available in the market, so you can’t be bored wearing them again and again.

4. Floral Printed shirts

Floral printed shirts are another example of classic and retro styling. These prints have been in trend since the 60s and still are making everyone fall for them more and more.

You can say Floral printed shirts are the traditionals in the world of fashion, it’s a good-to-go shirt for every occasion in any season. You can style it simply, or with suits or shorts or pants; it looks amazing with anything you wear.

5. Checked Shirts 

In the end, who can say no to the classic checked printed shirts, it’s like there is nobody in this world left to try these classic checked printed shirts. Each of us has one or two checked printed shirts in our wardrobe and we wear them regularly.


There are too many options available but the trending printed shirts are Embroidered shirts and striped shirts for men, to make you look fashionable, the rest of the points are trendy too, so you can use them as an alternative if you get bored with the embroidered and striped shirts.

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