Laravel Framework- Web Artisan’s First Choice for PHP Web Development

Choosing the appropriate framework is one of the most important components of the pace the team must decide when it comes to web development because technology is constantly evolving. One of the most crucial aspects of technical progress is the creation of websites for various reasons. For this reason, developers seek solutions that might make their tasks as simple as possible.

That’s where Laravel comes into the picture where it helps developers build unique websites for their customers. The PHP language framework with many features enables developers to create unique websites. It has been one of the most widely used platforms for frameworks. More than 6,45,000 active websites were created with Laravel, according to instride.

Then why is Laravel so popular? Before responding, let’s take a quick look at the Laravel Framework and why it is important for web development. 

Defining Laravel Framework

Popular web development framework Laravel comprises special and expressive syntax that guarantees that the complete web development process becomes simpler, faster, and more effective by removing all the problems entangled with the complex PHP code.

Why Laravel Framework for Web Development?

One of the most popular platforms in the market for web development is the Laravel framework. However, a number of additional programming languages are also accessible for developing certain web applications. Even so, the Laravel open-source platform has several cutting-edge capabilities that set it apart from other frameworks. The primary reason for utilizing Laravel is that it is built on the Model View Controller architecture. Business solutions built with Laravel are noticeably simpler and provide a more controllable coding approach. Over 20 million websites are powered by Laravel, which stands apart from other frameworks because of its clean and expressive syntax.

Laravel solutions have been created to take advantage of simplicity and speed in web development. According to Enlyft research, Laravel is undoubtedly the most powerful framework and the most popular web development platform in the USA. According to the study, the Laravel Platform is used to build over 170,000 websites in the USA alone.

With its cutting-edge and constantly expanding capabilities, Laravel empowers web developers looking for a trustworthy and suitable toolset to create sophisticated and feature-rich online solutions.

The following are some reasons for using Laravel that will make your web development experience seamless and effective:

  • Laravel Framework takes less time to develop Websites
  • It gives better Authentication and Authorization Option
  • Technical Vulnerabilities stay away while working with Laravel Framework
  • MVC Architecture of Laravel Framework
  • Automated and Unit Testing Feature
  • Automated Task Execution and Scheduling
  • Traffic Handling

Laravel Framework Features that Make it Popular among Web Developers

Several illustrious rivals of Laravel are vying for the top spot in the PHP frameworks industry. When you recruit PHP programmers, they often like Laravel because of its robust features that set it apart from the competition. Here are a few examples:

  • Blade Template Engine: When compared to other PHP templating engines, Laravel’s Blade template engine is basic but incredibly effective.
  • Eloquent ORM: Web developers use a simplistic ActiveRecord implementation provided by Eloquent ORM in Laravel to connect with databases quickly and easily.
  • Laravel MVC Architecture: The MVC-based PHP framework Laravel guarantees a clear division between presentation and business logic.
  • Open Source and Wide Community: Laravel is an open-source PHP framework for web developers compared to many other PHP frameworks with a cost.
  • Object-Oriented Libraries: The Laravel PHP framework comes with many integrated object-oriented libraries that are jam-packed with amazing functionality for developers.

Top Websites Built with Laravel

Here are some of the top brand websites examples which are developed with Laravel Framework:

  • Disney+Hotstar
  • The New York Times
  • Warner Bros
  • Jude Children’s Research Hospital


Security is crucial when it comes to web development services. In this area, server security and application security are both essential. The highly secure Laravel PHP framework prevents malware activities and threats on the platform by blocking attacks and guarding against data loss or damage. Even if hackers try to access the database, it immediately disables their IP address and identity to stop data loss. 

Laravel is one of the most popular options for web developers because of its security feature. If you want to hire Laravel Developers, Kody Techno Lab has a professional team of dedicated developers who formulate a perfect solution using Laravel PHP, utilizing its robust features to their best.

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