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Is Moong Dal Halwa A Healthy Option For This Festive Season?

The festive season is bringing on, and we all know any occasion is incomplete until you serve the dessert on your platter. Without indulging in the sweet, you can’t end any occasion! When it comes to the healthy dessert option, Halwa is on the top list! We know the thought of Halwa driving you crazy and insane, right? If you are drooling out with the name Moong Dal Ka Halwa, then take a relaxing breath because this content is all about this!

We all love to eat dessert, but then the fear of calories comes to our mind that haunts us! But it’s high time when you can eat your favorite dessert by adding a healthy twist to this. So, here we are sharing some exciting facts and benefits of eating moong dal ka Halwa.

Why is Moong Dal Ka Halwa so popular?

Moong dal ka halwa is a classic and authentic dish popular mostly in the North Indian dessert. This Halwa is prepared in the winter season. This is the most popular moong dal recipe, which is modest in taste. To prepare this halwa, the Moong dal is soaked and then ground. This is also famous as the exotic Rajasthani dessert.

Are you excited to taste something delicious and creamy textured dessert? This is the perfect option to serve on your plates after dinner during the festive season and any event. There are many online stores where you can get frozen Moong Dal Halwa for gifting someone closer to your heart during Diwali and Dussehra or any special occasion. 

Like any other typical dessert, this Halwa is made of grain and a balanced amount of ghee. People mostly prefer to consume this Halwa in winter because it helps your body to store essential fats. The major elements that multiply the taste of halwa are the generous amount of dry fruits which are added to this. The Halwa is served to the people with added sweeteners, cardamom, nuts, and all. 

This delightful option of dessert can be customized based on preferences. You can lower the calories by giving a balance to it. Some people add jaggery to it to control the sugar, while some love to prepare this with a wholesome amount of nuts and sugar. So, what are your thoughts about this classic dessert option? Are you still confused about the calories factor? Let’s move to clear all your queries and confusions.

How many calories does it hold?

So, one serving of Moong dal holds 212 calories that contain 111 calories of carbohydrates, 16 calories of proteins & 82 calories of fat. It covers 11% of the daily calories requirement. The Rajasthani people especially serve this in winter to keep the body warm. So, what is good about Halwa? Let’s try out the elements that make this dessert rich and classy.

What is good about Moong Dal Ka Halwa?

  • Milk & low-fat milk

This Halwa is prepared with milk that offers 70% of the recommended daily need for calcium. It has milk that promotes stronger bones and muscles. The low-fat milk balances the glucose level and offers low fat.

  • Yellow Moong Dal

We all know Dal contains all the nutritional contents. The Moong Dal removes bad cholesterol from your body and promotes a healthy heart. This dal is packed with nutrients like protein, zinc, iron, and other nutritional values that maintain the skin’s elasticity. This wholesome, rich dal is also known for regulating blood pressure and is ideal for diabetic people.

  • Sugar

This Halwa is made up of sugar that contains zero nutritional value. But yes, you can try this with Jaggery, also. Jaggery has health benefits and makes the dish perfect for serving diabetic people. 

  • Added dry fruits

The dry fruits added to this halwa promote a sharper mind and good taste. Dry fruits are rich in minerals and fiber, protein, and vitamins. It makes you feel energetic and helps with better digestion.

Do you want to taste this delicious moong Dal ka Halwa without spending wholesome time preparing it? You can visit frozen food online stores and purchase a pack of Moong dal Halwa at a reasonable price. Serve this delicious dessert to your friends and families on a special day & make them crazy.

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