How to Open Large SQL File Windows? The Best How-to Guide 2022

If we’re in 2K22 & still struggling to open large SQL file windows, then it’s a matter of concern. In this era of advanced technology, why we’re not able to open files & view the data items within. Don’t worry as we are here with this advanced tutorial guide that can easily solve users' all sorts of confusion.

SQL Server database is leading the segment with having the third largest userbase in the world. This clears that having issues in opening the data file is quite a major problem. However, it’s not as difficult to solve as it seems. The only thing we require is the right tool & technique. Evidently, our approach & tool holds the authority to decide our experience with the operation.

In this article, we are going to open the SQL database files with large sizes in the Windows operating system. Moreover, this guide contains the challenges that users face. We’re mentioning the various solutions below but providing the step-by-step tutorial for just one of them. That one solution is more than enough to solve all the troubles of users.

Critical Challenges to Open SQL Files Windows - Counter Them All

We’re going to start with the challenges that most users face. If you’re facing such challenges while solving this problem, then this guide can easily take you out of your misery without any issues. Reading these challenges can help you understand the entire matter in depth.

  • Issue with the Size of Data File
    If your data file is heavy in size then there are chances that you’re most likely to face the issue. That’s because the manual solutions aren’t able to process heavy files.
  • Complex & Tricky Procedure
    The manual solutions are complex & involve long confusing steps. SKipping any of the steps or executing them wrongly, can result in even worse conditions.
  • Outdated User Interface
    The manual methods are outdated and users may have to execute old-school commands that are confusing to new users. GUI is not that interactive here.
  • Lack of Advanced Features
    There are various advanced features that are not present here. The absence of such files isn’t a good sign as it will make the operation more time taking & complex.

Open Large SQL File Windows Using the Best Solution Available

Now, we are going to provide users with the best available solution without any further delay. We are going to start with the Advanced SQL Database Viewer Tool which is specially designed with the aim of solving such user queries. This is the best solution that users can opt for to get the advanced features.

Download the tool & then simply follow the below-mentioned four steps in order to solve all problems quickly. This way you can open SQL files windows in the most effective & efficient way possible.

Step-1. Launch the Tool & then Hit the Open button to add the files.

step-1 open large SQL file windows

Step-2. Select Quick or Advanced Scan options from the available options.


Step-3. Here, the tool will scan the data in the files so kindly Wait for a few minutes.


Step-4. Now users have to Click on the Ok button & the files are ready to open & view.


Are there Any Manual Solutions Available?

Now we have to understand what other solutions are available that we can opt for. However, manual solutions can’t match the level of automated solutions. Still, we are going to mention the manual solutions to open large SQL file windows. These should be used as the least preferred option. Moreover, in the case of new users, they should not go with them at all.

  1. SQL Server Management Studio Approach
  2. T-SQL Command Line Approach
  3. Microsoft Visual Studio Method

These 3 solutions are the only way that users can select for manual operation.  Apart from these three, no manual method is available to open SQL files windows.

There is one most crucial aspect that users need to understand. In case these methods don’t work properly, users can even lose their files forever. So, be wise while making the decision to select the right tool and technique.

Bringing It All Together

Now it’s time that we come to the conclusion & provide users with the best-unbiased advice. As per our experience, Microsoft’s MVPs reviews, & IT expert's advice, the automated solution is quite better than the manual ones. The straight reason for this is that manual solutions are technologically advanced.

Whereas, the automated solution smartly solves the user query & provides users with the expected results with maximum accuracy. If you’re a beginner then you should go with the modern approach to open large SQL file windows. In case you’re an expert user, then you can select the methods based on the urgency & security level.

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