Different Cocktail Drinks You Should Try Drinking Once

Do you find it hard to choose what cocktail drinks to try out first? Since there are hundreds out there with different variations but there are still some things that are considered classics for a reason. Some classics to consider trying out are margarita, martini, mojito, and many more. These classic cocktail drinks will never fail you on your first try and these drinks can become your go-to order on your next cocktail hour. 

When choosing your first cocktail drink for the first time you should consider some cocktail drinks choices with low to moderate alcohol content that won’t overwhelm you with the flavors. This is to help ease your taste buds and avoid leaving yourself overwhelmed with the aftertaste of your choice of drink, it will also be a good idea to stick to a more flavorful and pleasant-tasting cocktail drink of your liking. When it comes to classic cocktails, here are some of the most recommended drinks for beginners.


Margarita is a traditional cocktail that has been one of the most well-known and liked drinks all around the world and will continue to be the most frequently ordered cocktail in different countries. This tequila cocktail is popular in Mexican restaurants and is typically served frozen which can consume by a novice drinker. This simple concoction of tequila, lime, syrups, and orange liquor has been loved by many drinkers. Whether you prefer it frozen or with salt or not, sweet, the margarita has a wide selection of mixtures that will compliment everyone’s tastebuds.


One of the most well-known and disliked the taste of rum but liked the flavor of mojito instead. It has a tasty and cool feeling to it because of the mint leaves which are also the main ingredient of mojitos. The drink is made up of ice cubes, a shot of rum, water soda, and some mint leaves that appeals to the palates of the drinkers. Since it is flavorful and refreshing, the drink became a perfect summer drink to enjoy with friends. 


It is the most basic cocktail drink to try, the basic ingredients are just wine, typically red wine, sweetener, soda or non-alcoholic mixer, and some fruits. This can hold up to three days in your refrigerator since this will not only enhance the flavor of your sangria but can also preserve the fruits to last longer. But this may vary depending on how the kind of wine was used to make the sangria, white wine could last for 5-7 days. Sangria’s delicious flavor makes it everyone’s favorite beverage. The wine-based beverage looks enticing because of the floating fruit pieces. The fruits and wine are used to balance its reviving and sweet flavor. It has become a flexible beverage that goes well with many different cuisines. 


Trying a martini for the very first time may make you feel like you’re in a different time period since it was described as a traditional cocktail drink. This drink can keep you still, it is aggressive rather than sentimental since it has a definite shock after feeling the taste. The classy martini is delicate, powerful, and fulfilling, however, the traditional gin martini really has become a hit throughout generations. It is a classic but versatile drink at the same time, there are also a million ways on how to make a martini which is why people is very intrigued in ordering a martini.

Key Takeaway

There are numerous cocktail drinks that you can try out these four beverages are just one of the most refreshed options to drink on your very first try. Once trying out these cocktail drinks there are countless drinks to explore on your next cocktail adventure. 

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