How to draw a bear’s shapes as per step by step.

How to draw a bear’s face step by step.

How to make a bear’s face easier with these videos and step-by-step drawing instructions. bear’s fac  They are making animals easy for beginners and children. The bear is one of the artist’s favorite animals. That’s why we created this drawing tutorial on drawing a bear’s face. We decided to present this complex drawing as a series of simple steps. The steps are arranged so that the tutorial on drawing a bear’s face is easy and accessible for anyone, even the most novice artist.

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Step 1

First, we sketch a large circle with which we find the face of our bear.  bear’s fac If you will make a portrait, this circle is in the middle of the paper.
Also, in this step, we will sketch the position of the eyes with a horizontal line and divide the bear’s face into two approximately parts with a vertical line. Note that the horizontal line should be placed slightly above the approximate center.

Step 2

So we will continue with the lesson on how to draw the face of the bear. Let us now outline the main features of the beginning of this cute bear. Using thick, angular shapes, we will sketch the nose and ears. At this point, we draw the eyes, which will look like two small semicircles.

Step 3

In this step, we will add some significant lines. First, we add circles from the previous step to get the bear’s eyes.

Step 4

Then we pull a wide arm from the nose with a few round nostrils.

Step 5

A little bearskin is just what is needed at this stage. To show this structure, we will draw lines of fading waves on the side and below the perimeter of the face. Do not forget to sketch the inner parts of the ears like our pattern.

Step 6

We can now safely remove all unnecessary lines from our bear face drawings. Also, we can correct all the mistakes and errors of the previous steps at this stage.

Step 7

At this point, we can create a slight shadow to draw the more realistic face of the bear. The shadows resemble some small diagonal lines. In the darkest shadow areas, you can add another layer of paint. If you are a novice artist and still do not intend to work with shadow, you can skip this step.

Step 8

So this is the last step of our drawing tutorial. If you follow the sequence of steps correctly, you should see something like a piece of art on your paper:
If you decide not to add shadows, you can color the drawing of the bear’s face. You can use brown or black to make plain wild bears. If you want your bear to be polar, skip the drawing of your bear face as shown in the last or last step.
Our mission is to teach you how to effortlessly attract complex animals. And just as important, the results should be very realistic. As we pursue our mission – tell us about it. If not here’s a new product just for you!

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