Grahan Village: Finding Paradise in Parvati Valley


If you include the breakpoints, a trekker’s total trekking duration to Grahan from Kasol is roughly 4 to 5 hours. Even if you are a complete novice when it comes to hiking, getting to Grahan Village is very simple. In reality, Grahan Village is the starting point for certain notable treks, such as the Sar Pass climb. This is why, with all the signs and markers along the way, the trip to Grahan village is self-explanatory. You’ll discover several great points along the route where you may get a beautiful perspective of the surroundings and be sure to record those moments.

When it comes to the 350 individuals that live in the Grahan Village, they are more than welcoming and pleasant. While residing among the pahadi, you might gain an understanding of how they spend their days. The guesthouses and homestays are moderately priced, and you may receive a lot of value for your money.


On their trip to harvest honey from the deep forest in the highlands, the brave peasants face off against any dangerous creatures they may find. Because honey bees obtain nectar from Himalayan wildflowers, pure honey differs significantly from branded honey. Summer and fall are the finest times to visit Grahan Village since they provide the most vegetation and great views of the surroundings.

Living in Grahan

While living in the Grahan Village, you may do a variety of things. To begin with, when you enter the village, you will notice tiny children conversing and playing amongst themselves. Because the village community is small, everyone knows everyone else, and you can anticipate these kids to smother you in giggles as they boldly approach you. You’ll find yourself playing with them in no time.


A word of caution before attempting to consume alcohol: it is illegal and will not be tolerated by the locals if you do so. If you are caught with alcohol, you will be asked to leave the village.

It’s a guarantee that there won’t be an ATM in such a remote location, so bring plenty of cash and be prepared for a heart-warming stay in one of the wooden homestays or guesthouses.


The accommodations are spacious and well-equipped, and the organic cuisine supplied during your stay is delicious. You have the option of spending time with the family who is hosting you at the homestay. If you want to immerse yourself in the culture, living with locals rather than in guest homes is the way to go.

Even though there appear to be several regulations that must be followed when hiking to the Grahan Village in order to preserve the village’s natural ecology. With the river running alongside, the climb to Grahan is one of the most beautiful.


The entire journey zone is sandwiched between the Great Himalayan National Park and the Grahan River. It features gorgeous forest, mountains, and rivers. The river is so clean that you can refill your bottles here and have a pit break around it, which also acts as a scenic rest stop. The fresh wind from the river will help you forget about your exhaustion after the hike.




The transcending mountain range that surrounds Pulga is likely to steal your breath away with its breathtaking scenery and attractions. The village includes reasonably priced homestays with friendly staff. The hamlet, which is tucked between two mountain ranges and provides beautiful views during the day. It serves as a starting point for a variety of excursions. The mountain ranges are a sight to see after a snowstorm. The sight of mists drifting across the mountain belt, followed by snow falling on the rocky mountain body, is unsurpassed and a must-see.


Chalal Village


While Kasol is the most well-known of the Parvati Valley villages, real Himachal Pradesh tranquilly may be obtained by hiking a little farther from the main town to the delightful small village of Chalal. Chalal is a 30-minute walk from Kasol and suited for all Parvati Valley visitors. If you prefer woodland hikes, tranquil settings, and breathtaking vistas, Chalal is the place to visit. Because of its location in the magnificent Parvati Valley of the Himalayas, with a great vista of snow-capped mountains and towering pine trees. This tiny hamlet has been nicknamed the “Israel of Himachal Pradesh.


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