Brief notes on syrup manufactured by a Dry Syrup Manufacturer

The majority of the children either prefer syrup or a capsule over an injection when given a choice by a doctor. The reason is pretty simple; liquids or solid medication do not cause pain. But do you know what actually is a syrup manufactured by a Dry Syrup Manufacturer? A syrup is a concentrated solution of water and sugar alone or along with some aqueous liquid. The major portion of the solution is saturate sugar. 

This medicinal product is take orally as it is in liquid form. The drug is a flavor fluid that is usually store in a cool and dry place for preservation. As mention earlier it is mostly prescribe for young kids by the doctor. That doesn’t mean that adults don’t get cure of illness with syrups.

Drug preparation methods

There are different approaches to make the medicinal syrup by a Dry Syrup Manufacturing Company as listed below:-

  • Combining medicinal substances and syrup
  • Dissolution of sugar in a medicinal solution.
  • Derivation from a drug
  • Solution and chemical reaction

Types of syrups

There are various kinds of syrups. Two of them are

  • Aromatic syrups
  • Medicinal syrups

Aromatic syrup:

The purpose of this sort of liquid is to enhance the taste of bitter, salty or unpleasant mixtures. 

Medicinal syrup

The word ‘medicinal’ here refers to a cure or better a medical condition. This is further classified into

  • Extractive-drugs made syrup: An extract of a specific medicine is combined with the syrup. 
  • Chemicals-made syrup:  The word ‘chemical’ gives away the answer; a drug is make from a simple solution or by a reaction between a chemical and solution. The medicinal agents have a taste that can be greatly modify. 

Do you know the difference between syrup and suspension?

Most individuals use the terms suspension and syrup interchangeably that is because of a lack of knowledge. Let us give you brief notes on the difference between these two. 


A syrup is a solution that is dissolv before medication administration. So, In simple words, it is a drug component of a pharmaceutical solution that can completely dissolve into a solvent. There is an equal distribution of drug particles in the solution. Some pharmaceutical syrups contain a higher concentration of sugar to enhance the medicine’s palatability. This proportion of sugar is also helpful in reducing the growth of germs inside the syrup. This is suitable for children but maybe risky for diabetic patients. 


This is similar to the syrup solution except for the fact that the drug particles are not allow to completely dissolve in the solvent. The drug particles get suspend in the solution and prevent equal distribution in the solution which is why two layers are form. The bottom layer is more concentrated than the upper layer. 

So, Liquid antibiotics are mostly use in a suspension given to children. This is why it is said that doctors have to educate the patients to shake the solution well before consumption for efficient cure and prevention of undesired effects. 

Medicinal drugs produced by the Dry Syrup Manufacturer and Dry Syrup Manufacturing Company have to be purchased and consumed as per the prescription of a doctor but never on one’s own for effective results. But Also, hope, you have learned something beneficial about syrups today.

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