Best Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in Canada in 2022

The Canadian clothing industry grew from $17 billion in 1999 to $29 billion by 2010. In the next few years, it’s expected to grow another $10 billion or so, due to the growing popularity of outsourcing and e-commerce, as well as the growing population of Canada itself.

With that kind of growth, it’s important to know which wholesale clothing suppliers in Canada can provide you with what you need. So which ones are best? Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent ones on our top ten list!

The benefits of buying wholesale clothes

Buying wholesale swimwear suppliers Canada will save you a lot of money because you can buy in larger quantities.

For example, if you buy 10 wholesale swimwear manufacturers in Canada instead of just one, your unit price goes way down.

And when you’re buying more products wholesale, especially from manufacturers who don’t use middlemen, prices are cheaper than what you would find at retail stores.

Top 15 leading wholesale clothing suppliers

In 2022, top clothing wholesalers located in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver leading top sales of bulk swimwear suppliers along with wholesale athletic clothing manufacturers for high school team uniforms.

Many private schools and universities shifted to commission-based apparel orders from suppliers who also provide women’s business attire. Private online retailers continue to emerge, featuring exclusive wholesale clothing lines of one designer.

Industry trends affecting wholesalers

Trend 1: Production Outsourcing – Canada has a long history of producing textiles and clothing, but production is slowly being outsourced to China and Vietnam because of their lower production costs.

In fact, China alone will produce more than $9 billion worth of textiles by 2020. If you’re thinking about starting a wholesale clothing business in Canada, think about outsourcing your production.

This will help bring down your costs as well as open up new markets for you (there are only so many Canadian consumers). [4]

Introducing our top wholesale clothing providers

When it comes to wholesale clothing, each and every wholesaler has its own unique set of prices. These range from ‘negotiable’, meaning you can negotiate with them on what you can pay, to ‘fixed’, where they will not budge at all. So how do you know whether a wholesale supplier is actually giving you a good price or just trying to rip you off?

It all comes down to how they define their terms. If they tell you that everything is ‘negotiable’ then that means whatever price they give you (even if it’s $100 for an item) is up for negotiation.

Tips to help you get the best prices from wholesalers

Whether you’re looking to set up a swimwear store, or athletic clothing line, or just looking for a cool shirt to wear on your next vacation, there are wholesale suppliers in almost every category imaginable.

These are excellent places to find quality clothing at an affordable price and these days it’s easier than ever to find them.

However, if you don’t know what to look for when evaluating potential wholesalers, it can be tough to decide who is going to offer you great pricing as well as good service.

Fortunately, here are some tips that can help any entrepreneur find high-quality wholesale apparel at unbeatable prices.

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