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Living Room

Living room is the heart of your home. It is the place where you can relax after a hard day at work, watch TV or enjoy your favorite music. A comfortable and beautifully decorated living room can make your home look more attractive. So, if you are planning to upgrade your living room, here are some low cost interior design ideas for homes in Kerala 2022.

Here are some ideas for creating a beautiful living room:

1 – Lighting: Lighting can make or break a room. Low lighting offers a romantic ambiance while high lighting brings in more light and brightens up the space. If you have dark-colored furniture use more lowlights to avoid making them look darker than they already are.

If you have lighter colored furniture use more high lighting to bring out their true colors.

2 – Color Scheme: The color scheme of your living room should match the rest of your house’s interior design as well as blend well with your taste and style preferences.

You could choose from an array of colors such as gray, brown or blue but try not to mix too many colors together as it will make it look cluttered and messy!

3 –  Add Curtains: Curtains are one of the best ways to give your living room an instant facelift. They act as dividers between different rooms, as well as provide privacy. However, it’s important to choose curtains with patterns that match other furniture and accessories in the room.

You can also use curtains to cover windows or doors during the day to keep sunlight out and save energy costs.

4 – Add Rugs: Rugs add texture and elegance to any room. They also serve as softener for hardwood floors and help absorb noise from footsteps or furniture movement in case of wooden flooring.

Choose a rug that matches with other furniture items such as sofas or coffee tables in the same color scheme or pattern

5- Decorations & Accessories: Decorations add life to any interior design so don’t forget about them when designing your living room!


Bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. It is the place where one spends a lot of time and it should be designed accordingly. The bedroom should be a place where you feel comfortable, relaxed and calm. The bedroom should also have an aesthetic appeal to it.

In order to make your bedroom look beautiful and comfortable, there are certain things that need to be taken care of while designing it. The color scheme, furniture selection, lighting etc., all play an important role in making your bedroom look beautiful and elegant. In this article we will discuss some of the ways through which you can make your bedroom look beautiful and elegant without spending too much money on it.

Bedroom Décor Tips:

The first thing that needs to be done while decorating your bedroom is selecting colors for it. You can choose colors depending on your taste but make sure that they match with each other well so that they do not clash with each other when put together in one room. Rather than using multiple colors in one room, try using just two or three colors instead so that the whole room does not look like a mess due to too many colors used at once.


You can choose from different types of materials for your kitchen cabinets like plywood, MDF, chipboard etc. These materials have different price tags and therefore you can choose the one that fits your budget best.

There are some things that you need to think about when choosing your kitchen cabinets:

The size of your kitchen: The first thing you need to do is measure the size of your kitchen so that you can get an idea about how many cabinets and drawers you will need for each section in your kitchen. If there are multiple people using this space then think about what they will be using most often and where they will store their items. For example, if someone wants to store coffee cups then they should be kept near where it is used most often or if someone wants to store spices then they should be kept near where they use them most often.

The style of your home: You can choose between wooden or metal frames for all types of cabinets depending on what kind of look you want for your home’s interior design. A metal frame would go well with an industrial

Home Office

 Home office is the best place where you can work on your projects, meet with clients and do other important work. It should be comfortable to work in. The home office should be spacious and well-lit. You should be able to use all facilities in the office conveniently including internet and telephone connection.

The first thing that you need to consider while designing a home office is its size. If you are planning to build a small home office then it is better not to make it too big as it will eat up space unnecessarily. Many people make this mistake while designing their homes. They think that they will use only half of the space in their rooms so they make them bigger than necessary. But if you want to build a small home office then you should keep aside at least one corner of your room for this purpose and use other parts for other purposes like sleeping or watching television etc..

You should also take care of lighting when designing your home office as it is important for proper functioning of computers and other equipment used in this room. You should provide sufficient lighting so that every corner of your room gets enough sunlight during daytime hours as well as artificial lightings at night time when there is no sunlight available from outside


The house is the most important asset of every man in which he spends the most of his life. Moreover, it is where you feel secure, in your own space. It gives a sense of security and also a sense of value to our life. The outer beauty helps to increase the value of the house and this comes from removing all the unwanted changes or giving a new look to the house and making it look neat and beautiful with home interior designs.

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