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This post presents detailed coverage of Machine learning courses offered by MAH and COURSERA. Go through the post to know how it will benefit you this 2022 and beyond.

.Before we begin, let’s brush up on What Machine Learning Entails? Machine learning is the study of a subfield of AI (Artificial Intelligence) concerning algorithm design capable of learning from the compiled data.

This serves several applications in numerous fields, namely –

  • Business analytics
  • Health informatics
  • Self-driving cars
  • Financial forecasting

As Per Market Reports (2022):

Individuals with sound machine learning skills are highly in demand worldwide. For instance, 21% of open developer job positions are presently categorized as machine learning on Microsoft job pages.

The same can be said about Amazon’s career page, which currently shows 63% of machine learning positions open.

That’s not all.

As per the Future of Jobs Report:

Machine learning is forecasted to become among the top in-demand job skills by 2025.

So, the prospects are excellent, and the future certainly seems bright for all eager beavers wanting to make a career in this demanding field.

If you like what you see and are looking for the best online courses in 2022, then go for MyAssignmenthelp.com’s online machine learning courses today.

Overview of MAH’s course USPs:

  • MAH will provide you with solid roots in machine learning and educate you on its endless applications in vivid industries.
  • You will get hands-on learning from the best exponents in the industry about chat-bots, filtering spam, search engines, fraud detection, and ad serving (& more).
  • You will also get lots of real-time examples of finding patterns and creating mathematical models and algorithms for your concept clearance. For more details read My Assignment Help Review

What Covers in MAH Machine Learning Course Curriculum?

Revered as one of the best educational institutions for interactive, on-demand learning, MAH always emphasises flexible learning and round-the-clock student assistance.

Here’s What Includes in Its Course Coverage:

  • Machine learning crash course – beginners’ guide
  • Machine learning for coders – for both beginners and advanced learners
  • A-Z Machine learning about Python & R in Data science
  • In-depth machine learning: understanding the intuition behind the artificial neural network
  • Advanced machine learning specialisation – for advanced learners
  • Machine learning foundations- a detailed case study approach!

How Will It Benefit Aspiring Learners?

  • Lots of programming practice assignments for hands-on learning
  • Engaging course instructors offering interactive lectures
  • Real-time examples of how algorithms function mathematically and machine learning applications
  • Learning with the use of open-source programming languages like R or Python
  • Open-source library for reference (free of cost)
  • A clear understanding of (linear regression with different variables, anomaly detection, dimensionality reduction, machine learning system design, supporting vector machines, regularisation, octave/Matlab tutorialsand lots more!)
  • Life-long access to all downloadable study materials and PDFs on machine learning, neural network basics, deep network basics and shallow network basics
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Round-the-clock support from the customer help desk

Still unsure whether to go for it or not? No worries! 

Go through the positive comments most of their previous course-takers shared in the Myassignmenthelp reviews section!

Comparing COURSERA’s Machine learning courses with MAH

COURSERA is another top name (besides MAH) offering some of the best courses on machine learning to students in 2022.  For more writing click here

Let’s check out what covers in their course curriculums.

COURSERA Machine Learning Course Coverage

  • Neural networking & deep machine learning – (covering neural network basics, shallow neural networks, deep neural networks and so on)
  • An Introduction to improving neural networks – (hyperparameter tuning, optimisation and regularisation)

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