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ACS Skill Assessment Pathways For Database Administrator 262111

Do your job roles and responsibilities harmonize with the job roles and responsibilities of Database Administrator 262111? If yes, then you can migrate to Australia as an IT professional. However, don’t forget that you need to go through an ACS skills assessment for this. 

Now, you must be wondering what it is. Don’t worry, here, in this blog, we will tell you the four ACS skills assessment pathways. Besides that, we will also tell you the eligibility criteria you need to meet for Australian migration purposes. So, read this whole blog without diverting your attention. 

ACS skills assessment pathways for Database Administrator 262111: 

The following are the four pathways and their eligibility criteria for Migration purposes: 

  • Temporary Graduate: 

The Temporary Graduate pathway is for those graduates who have completed an Australian Bachelor’s degree or above. It is a qualification-only skills assessment, and it can be used for a subclass 485 visa.

Your degree has to be an ICT Major and closely relevant to your chosen occupation. You don’t need to have worked in the field. 

  • Post Australian Study (PAS): 

This pathway is for those graduates who have completed an Australian Bachelor’s degree or above. Besides that, these graduates want a skills assessment for migration purposes in general. One needs to have relevant ICT employment or completion of an ACS Professional Year program. 

You will need an Australian bachelor’s degree or above with a major in ICT. This degree must be in harmony with the nominated occupation (ANZSCO).  Besides that, one needs to fulfill one of the below-given requirements for a suitable skills assessment: 

1-year related work experience gained after the completion date of the related Australian degree. Or, one must have completed an ACS Professional Year Program. 

  • Skills

It is a general skills assessment application to evaluate tertiary ICT qualifications and ICT employment. 

You need a Qualification equivalent to AQF Bachelor Degree or above. Besides that, you need to have an ICT Major 2 years of experience in the last 10 years; or

A qualification equivalent to AQF Bachelor Degree or Higher with ICT Minor 5-year experience in the last 10 years, or

A qualification equivalent to an AQF Diploma or Vendor Certification with 5 years of experience in the last 10 years

  • Recognition of Prior Learning

This pathway is for those not having ICT content qualifications. 

You need a Non-ICT Qualification equivalent to AQF Diploma or Higher. Besides that, you need to have 6 years of related work experience. Or, If not having a tertiary qualification, you must have 8-year relevant work experience. 


Required documents for ACR RPL skill assessment: 

The following documents you need to submit for an ACS RPL Australia pathway of Database Administrator 262111: 

  • Personal documents: 

Birth Certificate or Passport: 

You need to submit a colour scan of your passport. In addition, submit the identity page of your passport, having your name, address and other information. 

Name change proof document: 

Submit a clear colour scan of the document if you have changed your name recently. 


As per ACS standards, you need to upload your resume in the personal part of the application form. 


  • Qualification documents: 

  • Academic Background: 

For your Australian Qualifications, send a good colour scan of your academic transcript and award certificate or completion letter. 

If having attached your master’s degree, submit a Bachelor’s degree as well. In addition, include the following information in your paperwork: 

  • Award in Education/Degree Title 
  • The name of the university from where you earned the degree 
  • Your education degree’s completion date
  • The details of courses and marks/grades you obtained for each unit or subject 


  • Vendor Evaluation: 

Submit the vendor login information for verification reasons to be eligible as a Microsoft vendor. 

When you have submitted the form, you may be prompted to put in login credentials for the Cisco vendor qualification. The information can be attached as a PDF file. 

Experience documents: 

Provide ACS with a colour scan of your job references on business letterhead or a third-party statutory declaration. 

Required details in the work experience documents for the assessment of Database Administrator 262111: 

  1. The job experience you provide must be with the start date and end date of your employment. If still working, write the end date as ‘To date’. 
  2. For the stated occupation, explain all of the jobs and obligations you had in your work time. 
  3. Mention how many hours you worked per week. Besides that, mention whether your job was part-time or full-time. 
  4. Write the name of the country in which you worked. Furthermore, mention the date and location of the work if it is in the same country but a different place. 
  5. Organizational letterhead: It must be signed by the author with their name, position title, address and phone number. 

Third-party Statutory Declaration Document requirements: 

Third-party colleagues working at the executive level offer the statutory declaration. They must state their working connection with you and the responsibilities you fulfilled throughout the employment period. Besides that, everything must be with the relevant dates. 

In addition, authorized personnel must witness your document. In addition, provide the date and location of the declaration. 


If you need more information regarding Database Administrator 262111, contact us freely. 

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