6 Reasons Why to Choose Custom Website Design Over a Template

In today’s era, every business has an online presence to grow. Every client working with an organization wants the organization to have a website. While working on an online presence, a business must decide on its website’s design. And while making a choice, the company comes across a premade template or a custom website design.

A premade template is a cost-effective theme sold to multiple firms that are already finished. On the other hand, a custom website design is specifically designed for a firm, and the firms directly collaborate with the designers. To get a customed website design for your company, reach out to Whizamet, the Best Web Development Agency in London

Below are the six reasons why choosing a customized website design over a template is the best choice you can make:

1. Built based on your requirements

When you choose a custom website design, you can get a design created based on your requirements. If you use a template, you have to work on the limitations of that premade design. A custom design involves the best practice for your business, quality coding, and the essential features that most companies use in your industry.

2. Supports your business goals 

Your website is essential in supporting your current and future business goals. For example, if you want to grow your business online, you should have the elements designed to attract more traffic to your website, develop potential customers, and build an email list.

3. Unique design 

When you cannot use the same brand identity as other firms, how can you use the same website design everyone uses? It will make it difficult for your business and customers; they will get confused between the same website designs. A custom design will be unique for your website, making you stand out.

4. Scalable 

The premade templates lack the foundation to grow your business. You will never wish to change your website’s design in the middle of your growth. The custom website design is coded to be compatible with handling high traffic as your business expands. Custom website design can help you with search engine optimization and provide your customers with a quality experience. Remember that the first impression is the last, so make sure your website looks appealing and works properly.

5. Constant support

The premade themes have limited post-sales support. You can’t depend on these premade website designs if your website fails to deploy or has a design error. Taking risks is not good when your company’s reputation depends fully on your online presence. Contact Whizamet, the Best Web Development Agency in London and get a great business website design.

6. Assured Quality 

The premade templates cannot be tested on your company’s computer or web host. Such designs may work best for the designer’s setup but may not help you troubleshoot the issues on your website. A custom website design can be developed and deployed in your company’s work environment, and you can easily discover the complications.

Using the custom design, you can directly connect with your web host or IT team to fix the issues before you take it live. A custom website will need a higher upfront cost, but the benefits you will receive will be worth it compared to premade designs.


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