5 Fashion Mistakes Of Men You Should Stop Doing

Your suit fits you well, the zips are zipped and the buttons are fastened, yet something looks odd. Would you like to know what it really is?  Layers, crisp suits, clever boots, and stunning eyewear – every winter season begins with a man determined to look stylish. So what’s the harm? The frigid winds provide a chance to look fashionable regardless of body type or form. To foster this mindset, we’ve compiled a list of fashion faux pas that detracts from their image.

5 Fashion Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Doing

1. Wear Chions For Diversify Look

Jeans are nice, but they all look the same, and they aren’t your only legwear choice. Invest in one or two pairs of chinos to spice up your outfit. All of these outfits can be worn with denim, but they look completely different when combined with chinos, giving you a lot more alternatives.

Simply adding one pair to your closet increases the number of outfits you can create. Add one more, and the total is tripled.

I propose a simple pair in beige or gray. Also, grab one colored pair to mix things up

2. Cargo Pants Are Out Of Fashion

While cargo pants and pants have a functional feature – pockets to carry everything you own – their appearance is more utility than fashion and does not correspond with an elevated dress code. The second thing you love is your cargo because it’s far comfier than your regular jeans. I agree it really is, but still, you can buy co-ord sets for men to stay comfy throughout the day while being in a style that looks good. So,  It’s time to let them go once and for all.

3. Never Wear Ill Fitted Shirts

Oversized apparel looks great, but it should be avoided when worn with classic new trending shirts for men. Because you’ll be wearing a jacket most of the time, make sure your shirt fits properly.

Your shirt will serve as the foundation for your suit, so pick wisely. Examine how your shoulders fit together. If you’re purchasing it online, you may use a measuring tape to match the inches.

4. Keep The Fragrance To Minimum

You’ve probably heard me suggest that scent should be found rather than announced. Not only is too much smell uncomfortable, but it can also lead to headaches and allergies.

Most guys have a weak scent and get habituated to their everyday fragrances. As a result, they wind up using too much and developing a major aroma to proclaim their presence.

Develop the discipline of wearing the appropriate quantity of perfume in the appropriate situations. Spray once on your wrists, neck, and chest, keeping the bottle 10 inches away from your body. Subtlety is the key to impressing, and overusing scent screams “trying way too hard. To impress”

5. Socks With Sandles

I don’t know what else to say about it; it’s just nasty. Sandals are made to be worn barefoot. Avoid wearing open-toe shoes if your toes are not visible areas of your body.

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