20 New Year Parties in Bangalore

The dawn of a long and arduous year calls for a visit to New Year Celebration Places in Bangalore! Because a well begun is half done, the best way to start the new year is to start the year with a good mood, a wonderful celebration of the time ahead. So get down to business, let’s discover all the amazing New Year events and parties happening around you or in a New Year destination near Bangalore.


Curated menus with some great food and drink offers along with the best DJs bringing you beats until you drop. Lots of good vibes all around as everyone gets ready to say goodbye to the year in a big way. Yes, there’s hardly a better way to say hello to 2022 than on the dance floor. From clubs to 5-star hotels to open-air venues, you’ll find parties across budgets all over the city.


If you’ve been waiting all year to go all guns blazing into the New Year with one big bang, we’ve got just the parties you need. Whether it’s trendy clubs or the newest party in town, they throw the best parties on New Year’s Eve. Plus, most of these parties have unlimited food and drink to help you bring in the new year with a bang. And of course, the best DJs and musicians in town spin some hits at these venues to make your New Year’s Eve the best night ever. You need Bollywood in your life, they even have mashups and remixes that you love so much. 


Check out some of the best New Year parties in Bangalore right here:

All you have to do is grab your friends and head out of town for a camping trip. Imagine this: a starry night, cozy tents, a nice warm campfire, delicious food, your friends and a good mood all around you. Relax by the lake and enjoy the nice cool weather and scenic view. (Early bird catches the sunrise) Think you can pass on something like that? We’ll let you decide! Click on the image below to see some of the best campsites for New Year’s Eve.

Tired of living in the fast lane? 


The cool weather is just right, the festive spirit is the icing on the cake and the approved holiday makes things perfect to bring in the new year with one last trip in 2021. Hit the hills, hit some peaks or relax on the beautiful beaches and drink for the whole year. Some good food and better vibes to get you going and you and your gang make some really good memories as the new year rolls around. Explore some New Year’s Day trips and plan now:


NYE 5 star parties

If there’s one thing we know for sure about a spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration, it’s that the 5-star parties in the city really take things to the next level. Talk about celebrities, city dignitaries and the rich spread of lip-smacking food and drink. If that’s not enough, the dance floors will take your breath away and if you find the perfect plan, you’ll also be treated to a picturesque view of the starry night city skyline.


Best Selling New Year Parties in Bangalore


Want to start planning your grand celebration? 


Skip the search and head straight to the most popular plans. Look no further, because we have only selected events to help you make New Year’s Eve the best night ever. There are some fantastic options: New Year’s parties with a twist: Party with a fire and live music on a farm, in a campsite or by the lake.

Pocket-friendly New Year’s offers

Partying too hard in 2021? Worry not, because these pocket New Year events will ensure you have the best night ever. We have to do it. Plan your New Year’s Eve now!

New Year’s events in other cities

Planning to get out of town for a little break from the hustle and bustle? Check out great events from these cities that give you the freedom to experiment with your New Year’s plans. After all we’re talking about, it’s 2022, can it be just another party? Go all out with these New Year plans in Chennai, Coorg and other cities

Get the best of live experiences in Bangalore: Music, Comedy, Walking, Cycling

Not so excited for the “new year”? Just another day? Or perhaps you are not crazy about the whole party season? 


The good news is that it’s smack in the middle of gig and concert season, so you might find your favorite local comedians returning for the year, or find a gig to look forward to. Plus, there’s so much more: heritage walks, bike rides, food experiences (oh yes!) and more. Events are coming soon – don’t forget to sign up to be the first to know when things get going. Can’t wait? See all events in Bangalore.


Here 20 places for New Year parties:-


  1. New Year’s party at the Comfort Inn Insys hotel
  2. Hoot Cafe And Brewery NYE Party
  3. Unlock New Years Eve Party 2022
  4. Panache New NYE Party
  5. The Charcoal Cafe & Barbeque
  6. New Years Event @California
  7. New Year’s camping under the stars
  8. Royal Orchid Hotel
  9. Hard Rock Cafe
  10. No Limits Lounge And Club
  11. Don’t Tell Mama Lounge
  12. Vivanta By Taj
  13. Los Angeles 2022
  14. Las Vegas 2022
  15. New Year’s celebration at Gokarna Beach
  16. 2022

17 New Year’s Eve 2022

  1. One Night in Paris NYE ​​2022
  2. Big Bollywood 2022
  3. Whitefield New Year’s Eve 2022

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