Things To Consider While Purchasing a Rug

We love decorating our homes to the epitome of flamboyance to feed our eyes with the beauty we crave for. Decorating the interiors with good furniture, curtains and other necessities is an integral part of any household. While the walls, windows and room space have their dedicated things to bejewel, the floors deserve their part too. Here comes the importance of having rugs as outdoor rug manufacturers.

Even the simplest of floors look royal if garnished with a beautiful rug on it. Here one must ensure getting a high-quality rug that will sustain for a longer period. Depend on the Best outdoor rug manufacturers from where you get high-quality rugs to decorate your home floors. The Braided rugs exporter in Panipat will ensure that the best rugs reach your home.

You can consider the following things while planning to bejewel your room space with a rug;

Stick to Multiple Rugs If Not One

Sometimes one rug might not be sufficient enough to fill the room space. Moreover, getting hugely customized rugs for your room might cause inefficiency later during washing and maintaining purposes. So, it is better to mellow the workload by dividing the rugs together. Customize rug designs of your choice in multiple numbers and place them in a design that suits your eye. Thus, the beauty gets enhanced while the maintenance becomes easier.

Moreover, having more than one rug gives you the option to decorate another room, or keep one in-store while the other gets used. Thus, when the one in use gets dirty, you can replace it with the new one while that goes for a wash. In this way, your floors will never look empty.

Try Layering to Feel Unique

Finding it difficult to decide the position of your Outdoor rugs manufacturers in the room?

Often people get confused as to how they can place a rug and keep it safe from the dirt below. 

Well, in such cases try getting a little innovative! 

Opt for layering your rugs that would boost the extravagance and keep them safe from direct contact with the floor. For the rug beneath, go for a plain one that can cover the entire space. Above that rug, place the decorative ones as per your design wish.

Fix the Required Size

Knowing the size of your room’s floor is a necessity. You wouldn’t want a rug that covers the floor partially or keeps dangling and folded across the corners. Opt for a rug size that would cover the walkway. Another option could be choosing one that would leave space in the walkway for people to pass on. 

Another aspect you need to check is whether the rug reaches the furniture in your room. Characteristically speaking, your rug should cover enough ground so that the legs of your furniture fit within it.

Provided you wish to have a smaller rug, ensure that the rug crosses the front feet of the furniture and stops.

Remember that the layout of the rooms in your different. Consider taking a rug after analysing your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and outdoors. While the bedroom would require a bigger rug, the kitchen might do well with a narrower one. 

Measure the Room Properly

Initiate by taking general measurements of the concerned room and leave out one to two inches in the sides. Leaving out the sides will ensure that the rug sits perfectly on the floor. Use painter’s tape to take accurate measurements.

Decide the Material and Style that Suits You

Rugs come in multiple styles and designs. The designs also depend on the materials used in their making. The materials ensured the quality and durability of the rugs. 

Let us look at a few examples;

Natural fibres like wool, silk, jute, cotton and sisal

The best part about natural fibres is their higher quality and durability against the test of time. The woollen rugs appear special owing to their ability to hide the soil with ease.

Nevertheless, such rugs are expensive and require detailed maintenance and cleaning.

Synthetic fibres like polyester, acrylic, and polypropylene

The synthetic fibres, as mentioned above, are pocket-friendly and easier to clean than the rugs of natural fibres. Under normal circumstances, these rugs are resistant to stains, thus keeping you away from cleaning duties.

Artificial silk-like bamboo silk, viscose and banana silk

The artificial silk rugs are extremely affordable and won’t make your pockets feel pressurized. In addition, the nonchalant patterns help camouflage the dirt stored in between them. The decision to clean the rug, when and where, lies with you!

Consider the Pile of Rugs

When we talk about the “Pile” of a rug, it refers to the thickness and density of the concerned piece. The rugs that feel coarse will have added layers of the pile, conversely to the ones that feel fine and designed. There are two different categories of rug piles;

  • Low pile rugs: The low pile rugs come with shorter fibres and thick flatweaves. These characteristics make them a perfect addition to places like kitchens where the crowd is more.
  • High pile rugs: The high pile rugs have looser fibres, namely Moroccan or think shag fibres, that are comparatively taller.
  • Cleaning Your Rug: Cleaning your rug is vital to ensure its fruitful application on your home floors. A dirty rug will give you a negative feeling and put all your efforts into choosing a flamboyant rug in vain. A vacuum cleaner might be a good option to get rid of dirt and soil.

Conversely, if it is an oil or other substance spill, a vacuum won’t help. In such scenarios, bring a cloth to soak up the excess liquid remaining, till it feels dry. Once soaked up, use a toothbrush dipped in soap or detergent to eliminate the unwanted stain. Once you feel the stain is gone, consider using a cloth again to soak up the wetness.

Final Thoughts: Outdoor rug manufacturers

Always purchase your rug from the Best Outdoor rug manufacturers. The trusted Braided rug exporter in Panipat ensures that your rug continues to serve for longer periods, ensuring a sprinkling of flamboyance always.


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