10 Unexpected Ways You can Use Turmeric Powder Into Your Food

Turmeric once used to be a speciality spice limited to Indian cuisine. But now, it has become a pantry staple in every household. It has primarily taken the wellness industry by storm. The wellness market is booming with countless turmeric products, which led to the selling of wholesale turmeric powder has significantly surged.

Turmeric is considered a superfood, and for all the right reasons. This spice has an active compound called curcumin which can alleviate various ailments. This includes some common ones like cough and inflammation to chronic ones like cancer and various neurological diseases.

You may have heard about the turmeric latte. Sipping this delicious drink is one way to reap these health benefits, but it is definitely not the only one. Here, in this article, read about unexpected ways to use turmeric powder in your food and make your eating healthier and more delicious.

Stir with soups

Turmeric goes perfectly well with spicy and savoury dishes like soups. It gives a nice yellowish tint to various seasoned chowders. But mind that when using turmeric, a little goes a long way. This earthy-flavoured root has a slightly bitter taste that can ruin the dish if you are not careful with the proportion.

Add to spicy porridges

Oatmeal porridges are favourite to many of us. This is a delicious and healthy way of starting the day. However, adding a pinch of turmeric can pack a punch of health into your breakfast porridge. Moreover, Indian lentil porridges are another recipe with which you would love to start your turmeric usage.

Cook with Indian curries

It may be hard to name a savoury Indian dish that does not include turmeric. This is a staple spice in Indian cuisine, so there is no better way to reap the health benefits of turmeric than with Indian cuisine. Indian curries are flavour bombs packed with many aromatic spices and herbs, so you would like to start from here.

Drizzle on dressings

Salad dressings are another brilliant way you can use turmeric powder. Dressings are categorised into two categories: creamy dressings and vinaigrette dressings. And turmeric can infuse well with both of these types. Drizzling just a dash of turmeric gives your salad dressings a bright yellow tint and imparts nutty, warm, earthy flavours.

Fuse it in the fillings

Whether you’re making sandwich stuffing or taco filling, turmeric can always have a place. A boiled and mashed potato mixed with various spices like pepper powder, turmeric powder, dried mango powder, cumin, coriander powder, and other Indian spices makes a great sandwich filling. While for tacos, you can mix turmeric with sauces or sour cream.

Relish with rice dishes

If you think about rice dishes with turmeric, one of the first images that come into your mind is pilaf. Rice pilaf or pulao is a popular Turkish rice dish cooked with boiled rice and meat or vegetables. The recipe requires a lot of spices, including turmeric powder and other Indian spices.

Season with salads

Turmeric can also be used as a condiment and seasoned directly into a salad. You just have to toss your favourite veggies with oil, and turmeric, and voila! You get a nice yellow-tinted salad. But make sure you use a limited amount of spice. If unsure how much to use, start with a pinch and increase the amount as your taste buds suit.

Bake it with bread

A pinch of turmeric in your home-baked bread does not harm. Instead, it adds a yellow tone and a myriad of health benefits. You might not like to make sandwiches with these bread slices, but a nice peanut butter toast could be a tasteful way to start your day with a health punch.

Scatter in your coffee

Start your day with turmeric by infusing it in your morning coffee. But be mindful of the amount. A pinch would be enough to give your beverage a golden glow. More than that might ruin your morning coffee.

Savour it with sweets

Turmeric goes with almost every dish, including sweets as well. You can add a dash of turmeric powder to your sweets to add a nice saffron-like tint.


After this article, you definitely have various ways in mind in which you can get the most out of this spice. For its myriad health benefits, turmeric deserves a forever place in our kitchen cabinets and spice boxes.

If you use this spice in your everyday cooking, you will undoubtedly need a bulk amount to meet your daily demand. And for that, you don’t have to look for international sources to get your bulk source. You can pretty easily buy wholesale turmeric powder from various ground spice suppliers in South Africa.

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