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Wise Ways How to Receive Allah’s Blessings in Islam

The blessing is something that sounds simple, but we cannot do anything, including daily activities, working, learning, or anything else, without Allah’s blessing. Only Allah can bestow the greatest blessing; thus, we must pray and only have faith in Him.

To obtain Allah’s blessing, prayer alone is insufficient. There are a lot of undertakings we must perform and qualities we must acquire, all of which center around virtue taught by Quran teacher. This demonstrates that the bounty Allah has bestowed upon His people is highly dependent on whether or not they fight for the development of virtues. We must perform good deeds and maintain a good akhlaq, avoiding committing too many faults, for Allah to provide the blessing.

Always obey Allah

If we want Allah’s blessing, we must obey Allah and His apostles under all circumstances. We must not obey Satan and commit the forbidden action that can lead to sin. Allah despises vehemently those who disobey His law but seek His blessing without exertion.

Commence the prayer

The conduct indicated in Surah Al-Taubah below can earn us Allah’s blessing since such deeds belong to a group of virtuous deeds, and Allah is highly fond of all forms of virtue; thus, it is only logical that will bestow God’s favor upon people who perform such activities. Establishing prayer, particularly the five-time and Sunnah prayer, is crucial because we will receive more benefits and blessings if we do so.

Read the Quran and follow it.

The Qur’an is a very holy book, and Allah makes it sacred; therefore, we must read it daily to receive its blessings. The Qur’an is a guide for us; if we wish to attain devotion to Allah SWT, we must adhere to its commands. In addition, we must practice it to receive greater benefits and blessings for our good activities.

Do not harm the earth and preserve it.

We are aware that life is transient. However, we must take care of the environment since future generations will inhabit it in the future. Therefore, we must perform actions that preserve rather than destroy them. Even others can feel the advantages of good deeds, regardless of how modest they are. Allah will bless whoever spends his life performing good deeds and caring for the planet.

Only believe in Allah.

We must only believe in Allah to receive His blessing, as only He can bestow the greatest blessing onto us. We must steadfastly adhere to Islam as our religion and never yield to Satan’s temptations. Allah only blesses those who never abandon their religion for material gain.

Observe Allah’s instruction and avoid His prohibition.

As Muslims, we must always obey Allah’s command since it benefits our way of life. In addition, we must avoid His prohibitions since they can lead us down the path of evil, which Allah hates.

In this way, Allah will bless our life on earth and bring us to the road of light that leads to heaven.

Ask pardon to Allah

If we commit sins and blunders in our lives, we must ask Allah for pardon. Sins and errors committed in the past can be a barrier to Allah’s blessings for us. Allah loves His servant, who acknowledges his sins and seeks His forgiveness. He will not hesitate to bless the servant in this manner.

Become a nice person

Islam is a religion that instructs us to become a kind individual who never harms friends or foes. We must not imitate those who kill others in the name of Islam, such as terrorists. Some of the Prophet’s tales describe His style of life in the past: to always love all people and never harm them, so we must imitate this to receive Allah’s grace.

Extend affection to other humans, animals, and God’s creatures.

We must love everyone equally and never discriminate against anyone. Since we are identical to Allah’s creation, we must get along. In addition, we must also appreciate His animal and plant creations and employ them to our advantage. We may be the perfect creation, but we cannot survive without them, so we must respect them. Allah will benefit those who have affection for His creatures.

More Ways to Receive Allah’s Blessing in Islam

Listed below are additional Islamic means of receiving Allah’s grace.

  • Enhance self-awareness and introspection
  • Give sadaqah and zakat
  • Visit a sick person and pray for him
  • Assist other folks
  • Reconciliation of the combatants.
  • Enhance your understanding of Islam
  • Keep the words and deeds in order
  • Dhikr and always recall Allah
  • Have a pleasant akhlaq

Participate in the recitation and social events with the Quran teacher.

In Islam, this is the only way to obtain Allah’s favor. We hope that by doing all of these and remembering Allah, we may receive Allah’s grace and be able to live well in this world.

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