Why should you move to Portugal?

There are many convincing reasons to live in Portugal and in case you are considering your own move but wish to learn a bit more before you make your final decision, then this post would get you a good idea. Once you are convinced that you want to go to this region of the world, you can get immigration to Portugal from dubai or any other place. 

A Good Level of Safety

In case you are thinkingthat safety is a big thing then relax. Portugal has been the safest nationin Europe and was voted even the third safest country in the entire world in the 2020 Global Peace Index. This spot, sitting only behind Iceland and even New Zealand, is credited to its political stability for so many years and because of the fact, its complete crime rates are amongthe lowest in entire Europe. 

A Lovely Climate

One of the prime reasons people decide to move to Portugal is the impressive climate it has. It seems to be specifically relished by the ones from places like the United Kingdom and Ireland, the northern United States, even Canada and Northern Europe who might up the largest numbers of people moving here. But in recent many years, you can find people moving to this region from across the globe.

Moreover, Portugal has a Mediterranean climate. But there may be some variations on the basis of where you are situate in the country. Characteristically, Portugal’s average temperatures are neither extremely hot nor extremely cold. But variations can come as an outcome of influences from both the Atlantic Ocean to west and borders of the Mediterranean in the south.   The point is you can enjoy all sort of weathers in this country!


One thing that has surprised many people since they moved to Portugal has been how different the landscape differ from region to region. It even alters from season to season. As you travel from the south to its north, through the motorways. The landscape alters noticeably the further north you go. Leaving the dirty coast of the Algarve. You would pass the hills that fork the Algarve from its nearest regional neighbour. The Alentejo having its flat landscape and agricultural arenas. The point is different regions have different sites for you to behold and cherish.

The Location

The location of Portugal in terms of geography is another convincing reason why folks choose to move here. With London being near two and a half hours by plane, it makes it quite accessible. Ireland and even the rest of Europe are even accessible.  There are myriad of direct flights to or from Lisbon to other parts of the world.

With Portugal accessible to other areas of Europe, many with short flight times. It simply means the ones still working, office meetings inside Europe are easily achievable. And for people who are retired now, the short flight time is fascinating to family and friends who look forward to visit during the summer vacations.


To sum up, you can check out visa Portugal dubai and ensure that you have a wonderful life ahead in this region of the world.

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