Why Choose Composite Decking?

A distinctive combination of recycled plastic and wood products results in composite timber decking. Often it is  known as WPC decking, which is a sturdy, long-lasting, and attractive alternative to lumber.

Composite boards decking offers a number of advantages over timber due to its reinforced qualities, making it a far better choice for designing a stunning outdoor environment. It maintains its good appearance after installation because of its durability, strength, light weight, and extreme resistance to the weather.

Composite Decking

Our composite boards decking’s distinctive makeup also provides it an advantage in terms of slip, fire, and mold resistance, preserving the area and those who use it for decades! You might not believe us when we explain that there are almost no drawbacks to kompositbrädor when compared to timber decking, but it’s true! Our boards have the same appearance and feel as wood. Allowing you to design a traditional-looking outdoor area without all of the problems associated with wood.


With high-quality composite materials, you are assured a deck that looks excellent all year long and only takes the bare minimum of upkeep to appear its best. Forget about repairing, brushing, wiping, staining, and painting.

Composite decking is easy to maintain

Composite decks are simpler to maintain than wood patios. Keep in mind that upkeep is necessary for your wood-plastic patio boards to last. The wooden terrace won’t stay for very long if you don’t maintain it. Although some varieties of hardwood patios require less upkeep than others, it can be challenging for others. To eliminate dust and filth, a composite terrace merely needs to be swept. You can scrub the top of your hardwood patio with soapy water and a brush if you discover mould there. Stains like oil spills can easily be removed from the surface of your maintenance-free composite patio. Pour some soapy water into the area, then just clean with a brush.

Does Composite Decking offer a good value?

In terms of pricing, composite boards fall short of timber in every other respect. Because they are so well developed, composite materials for outdoor applications will always be more expensive than wood ones. However, that does not imply that they are not worthwhile. Dura’s gorgeous  Komposittrall  is an investment in the future. Therefore, even while the upfront cost may be more than for timber decking. You may wind up saving thousands of pounds over the length of the decking’s lifetime. And there are a few explanations for…

There is no need to paint, stain, or treat

outdoor decking

With typical timber decking, you’ll wind up shelling out hundreds of pounds every year for products that keep your deck looking good. You won’t again have to pay another dime for exorbitant treatments when you choose composite boards. It will constantly appear brand-new.

Put off expensive improvements or repairs

Composite boards do not crack, rot, or splinter as timber does, so they won’t require pricey maintenance over the course of their lifetime. We also provide a minimum 10-year warranty on our boards as evidence of our dedication to quality.

Boost the value of your house

It has been demonstrated that adding composite boards to your outside area may boost the value of your home by about 5% overall. So you can be confident that your decision to choose composite boards decking will pay off if you ever decide to relocate!

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