Every year many tourists come here. There are about 200 trekking sides in Himachal. Himachal is made up of two words. Him means snow and Aanchal means mountain. Which runs between high mountains and many treks along the rivers. The snow cover remains lying in most of the tracks located in Himachal. Due to which the view here becomes even more picturesque. Himachal Pradesh is popular all over the world for its serene environment. The beauty of nature here provides a lot of comfort to the souls of the tourists who come here.

Here are given about top treks in himachal pradesh :-


If  you’re a beginner in trekking  and want to go for a few days in such a clean environment away from the hustle and bustle of pollution ,then Bhrigu lake trek is  a good choice for you. You must visit this lake before June because it starts freezing in mid if that month. This place has been the house to Bhrigu Maharishi and people feel blessed to reach there. 


Thamsar pass is located in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh . It is one of the most alluring passes in the Dhauladhar . a few waterfalls on the way and the sight of the alpine flower will leave you refreshed. There are many beautiful  and major scenic spots to be seen along the way of this trek. There are Bharmour Lakavali Mata Holi, lake base camp etc. This popular trek is of 10 to 12 days. Itinerary it is a perfect destination for tourists in search of relaxing amidst the serenity to soak in the beauty of nature. So  This trek is known for its mesmerizing beauty.


 It is comparatively an easy trekking route .There is a vast green meadow at the top of the Jalsu pass which makes it a beautiful place for camping. You must  visit this Jalsu pass in 15thApril to June & September to November.


Sar pass trek located in Kasol. It’s a perfect trek for adventure seekers. It’s a moderate trek on the problem level for nature lovers. It is a 5-7 days trek. The trek route is so beautifully scenic that it’s amongst the simplest trek in Himachal .The exhilarating view on the highest of sar pass will leave you spellbound.There are plenty of stay options on Kasol.


The Hampta Pass Trek is located near Lahaul in Kullu Manali, Himachal Pradesh. Hampta Trek is situated amidst snow-clad mountains. This trek is often completed in about five days. Manali is the best option to reach Hampta Trek. Buses are also  available from Manali to Delhi and Chandigarh. During Hmta trekking, one gets to see the beautiful plains of Himachal Pradesh. 

The mesmerizing views here are liked by the tourists. Hampta is situated at an altitude of about 14100 ft. trekking route starts from Kullu and ends at Lahaul. Hampta Pass is a crossover trek where the scenery changes every few minutes as the trek starts from the lush greenery of the Kullu region and ends in the arid mountains of Spiti. It is an all in one trek where one passes through alpine forests of maple, brich, oak, deodar and enters wide meadows. In between, do trekking beside the streams of rivers, waterfalls. When you reach the beginning of the snowline, you have to climb a straight steep climb. A unique variety of amazing mountain wildflowers can be seen throughout the trek.


 This trek is 5319 meter, so it’s considered one among the most challenging treks. This trek is roofed with snow for many of the year. Pin Parvati Pass starts from Barsheni. This trek connects the Parvati valley of Kullu and therefore the Pin valley of Spiti, that’s why this trek is named Pin Parvati valley trek.In this trekking tour have  lush green grasslands, dry and cold mountain deserts of spiti, Biddhist village and alpine meadows, numerous waterfalls , high-altitude lakes and glaciers .

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