Top Protection of What Not To Do After Botox London

Many people consider being beautiful their top priority. Your health should not be at risk when you are trying to become beautiful. People are increasingly turning to cosmetic treatments for beauty enhancement.

Cosmetic treatments can be great for your skin and do wonders for your skin. But, you shouldn’t rely solely on them. You should not only use cosmetic treatments to improve your skin, but also take care of it and follow a skincare regimen. Every treatment comes with a set of precautions that must be followed.

Botox is not a one-time treatment. You must continue to care for your skin after you have received it. Let’s find out the best things to do after botox london.

What to do after botox

Working out

Doctors will tell you that exercise is something you should not do. A London Botox treatment can cause you to exercise too soon after it. This could lead to unexpected injuries such as cuts, bruises and redness. Avoid engaging in such activities as they can tire you out and raise your blood pressure, which could be dangerous for your health.

Light exercises such as smiling and frowning are not recommended by doctors. This is for your health, not to exhaust you.

botox london
botox london

People are prone to touching the area repeatedly. If you don’t want the side effects of the treatment, it is best to stop touching the area for a while and to be careful not to touch it again. This should be avoided until your treatment is complete.

No blood thinners or medications

It is normal to feel mild pain after the botox treatment. However, you can still have blood thinners and medications. These medications can be taken by anyone, but you should first consult your doctor and only then take them if your doctor approves. It is best to not take any medication on your own without consulting your doctor.

No liquor consumption

Botox users should forgo alcohol consumption as it can cause adverse side effects. You should avoid alcohol for a few days to allow botox to fully absorb into your body.

Avoid heat

We don’t mean direct heat from the sun when we say “stay away from heat”. There are other options, such as hot tubs and saunas. These things should be stopped for a few days because doctors claim that your skin becomes sensitive after treatment. You may experience redness, bruises, swelling and redness.

Avoid other treatments

You should not use any other facial treatments, such as microdermabrasion or PRP, during the botox treatment. It can interfere with your botox treatment, and it may not produce the desired results. If you only have one treatment to go, it is best to focus on that one treatment and put off any other plans. You should stop receiving any other botox treatments until you feel you have finished the botox london.

No washing your face

Many people make the error of washing their faces right after treatment. This will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment and could cause skin irritations. Keep your skin clean for at least seven days, or until you are instructed by your physician to do so.


These are the best tips to help you get perfect skin in just a few minutes. Visit us at cosmedocs in london.

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