Things To Not Do While Oiling Your Hair!

Relaxing and nice hair oil massage once in a while work wonders for your pelt. Good oil for hair growth also promotes your wig follicle growth and helps your fleece recover from damage. It regulates blood flow to your scalp and rejuvenates your scalp altogether. But, some people make a few mistakes when applying oil to their wig. So, we will share the things not to do when oiling your hair. 

Not heating oil before applying

What is better than a hot oil massage with your favorite oil for hair growth? It is a relaxing session if you heat the oil beforehand while applying. Hot oil penetrates the scalp and hair easily and is more calming too. It will ensure that the oil penetrates into your scalp and the nutrients are absorbed by your hair. 

Not combing your hair before massaging oil

Massaging knotted or tangled fleece is a big no when it comes to applying oil for hair growth. It will only lead to further damage to the roots and your fleece. You always need to comb your wig and make it tangle-free to start a healthy massage. Start massaging your wig gently after you comb your hair. 

Massaging your scalp too hard

It might be tempting to go all the way out with your message but make sure to not massage your head too hard. It will do more harm than good. Massaging vigorously can create knots and tangles in your pelt, damaging your wig roots and causing your pelt to break. A soft wig massage in a circular motion is what you need to do for the best results. It is the ideal answer for oiling your wig perfectly. 

Not mixing and matching your favorite oils

Two or more oils are better than one. Be it any oil for hair growth, nothing can beat the mixture of argan, coconut, and mustard oil with a few drops of olive oil in it. The goodness of three oils packed together gives you a healthy and glossy pelt. Pick up your favorite oils, mix them up and start massaging your head right away. It is the ultimate answer on how to apply oil to your wig perfectly. 

Using your fingertips instead of cotton buds for oiling your hair

The most obvious way to massage your fleece is with your fingertips. But, you need to use a piece of cotton bud instead for better results. Cotton is easy when it comes to the roots of your pelt and will be the most effective way to massage your scalp. Dip a piece of a cotton bud in hot oil, squeeze it and remove the excess oil and rub it on your scalp gently throughout the length of your fleece for ultimate results. 

Tying your hair too tightly after oiling

After a head massage, the roots of your pelt tend to loosen up a bit. One thing you need to avoid in this case is time the wig too tightly right after finishing the oiling procedure. The best oil for hair growth can only give you great results if you tie your wig loosely and gently after oiling. If you do not want a significant amount of damage and breakage, make sure to follow this rule. 

Final Words

You need to massage oil into your pelt for 10 to 15 minutes properly and leave it for 1 hour for the best results. Follow the above points to avoid them while oiling your hair. Apart from that, research the market and purchase the best oil for hair growth that will help with hair loss and fleece damage. 


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