Preparing For A Team Building? 5 Activities Everyone Will Surely Enjoy

Team building is a popular way to help a group of people work together. It’s when they think of solutions and strategies for certain situations that may lead to forming a stronger bond. Moreover, although people can be different from each other, they can still work and finish a certain task.

Building a stronger connection in the workplace is one of the key factors to a successful business. So if you’re a business owner, you should think of this as an investment and always include it on the list of corporate events. But aside from the group dynamic, it will also help individuals learn how to manage tasks as a group, especially if they’re used to working alone.


So if you’re planning to conduct a team building but can’t decide on the activities yet, here are some options to choose from!

1. Blind relay

Have you ever tried playing relay games? It’s about communication and interpretation, which is common in casual corporate events. There are many kinds of blind relays, like drawing or passing down objects, so just pick which you prefer.

If you chose the blind drawing relay, you need to prepare pieces of paper, pens, and a picture. Then, separate the participants into groups. Let everyone attach a piece of paper to their back and wear a blindfold except for the leader or the first one to draw.

After that, show the leaders the picture of what you want them to draw. As they draw, let the other members draw what they feel behind their backs. The team who has the closest drawing to the original wins.

2. 2 truths and a lie

You know the feeling when you think you know someone, then you end up missing a fact or two about them? In the game two truths and a lie, the team can learn some facts about their colleagues. However, before they find out these facts, they must first guess which of the statements presented is true or false.

First, group the team into two. Next, give each of them three identical papers. Then, ask them to write two true things about them and one lie. After everyone has already written the statements, ask them to read the statements to the other team. If they guess which statement is the lie, they earn a point. Continue until all members are done, then switch places.

The team with the most points wins the game.

team building

3. Scavenger hunt

If you need an activity that may take a while before identifying the winner, try a scavenger hunt. It’s about teamwork and critical thinking. Additionally, as the organiser, you’ll get to enjoy crafting the clues and planting the prices.

So before you get started, divide the participants into smaller groups. Then, give them the initial instruction as to where they’re going to start. Additionally, it’s up to you to think of the fun activities the members can do along the way.

For instance, you can let them take a selfie with strangers, sing a song in a public place, or find treasures. The first team who finishes the game first wins.

4. Line up

In this game, you’ll be going to prepare for a few questions or instructions that will require them to answer in a form of an order. For instance, you can say “Line up according to your age, in ascending order!”, then they should line up from the youngest to the oldest member of the team.

The more team members are, the higher the chance they messed up with the order. So if possible, divide the group into two teams only. You can give as many instructions as you like, and the team who gets the highest number of points wins.

Meanwhile, since it may be hard to identify whether they’re telling the truth or not, don’t forget to prepare a copy of their answers. Since the questions are based on the resume, you can easily track the right answers.

team building

5. Penny for your thoughts

Before the team building, gather some coins which indicate different years. However, you shouldn’t include coins that are older than your youngest member. Then, let the members pick a coin and ask them to tell a story of something important that happened to them in that particular year.

This may not be a game where participants have to use all their energy to win, but it’s a way to let everyone get to know each other. For instance, if you have some colleagues who don’t share too much about them, this may be the right moment to hear them out.


Are you ready to plan one of the most important corporate events? If you have ample time for preparations, you’ll have enough time to fix possible problems. To help you get started, you can pick the activities listed above. Also, don’t forget to share your team-building plan by leaving a comment below!




Aliana Baraquio is a content writer for Pink Caviar Events Sydney, a full-service event management and decorative hire company located in Sydney. When she’s not typing out blog posts, you can find her watching anime series or baking cupcakes.

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