LED COB Spotlights – Applications and Significance

Light can come from the sun or something you put in your photo set-up (i.e., artificial light). In another case, you must deal with COB spotlights as part of your job. For example, most studio photographers use a lot of artificial light, while landscape photographers prefer to use natural light.

Even photographers who only take pictures outside need a source of artificial light at some point. So, don’t forget how vital extra lighting is, incredibly LED COB spotlights.

What is COB Light all about?

A COB light is a steady source of light. It is a type of LED light you can put anywhere and use for hours to light up the subject. You can even hold it or put it on a light pole. You can also keep it in the studio or take it with you.

With LED COB spotlights, you can change how the light shines and how bright it is, and the set-up will last for a long time.

A COB light is basically a panel of LED chips close to each other. Since the LED chips are small, you can’t see any space between them. So, a COB light gives off a beam of light that is uniform and very bright.

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What are the advantages of using COB lights?

COB lights have a few clear benefits that will tell you exactly where they belong in your photo set-up.

First of all, they are reliable, cheap, and useful. Also, they are smaller than studio lights from the past, which makes them easier to move around.

Next, LED COB spotlights give off a lot of light without giving off too much heat. Even if the heat doesn’t bother you, it will irritate your subject, especially if they are wearing makeup, are small, are animals, or are heat-sensitive (e.g., ice cream).

Another benefit of COB lights is that they all give off the same light. They give off a strong, steady flow of light that can light up large areas and cover more than one subject. Also, they don’t make the effect of multiple shadows that other types of LED lights do.

As with all continuous lighting systems, you can see how the light will affect the photo before you take it. You’ll be able to see around how much of the scene is lit, how the light hits each part of the frame, and what changes need to be made.

When do you use COB lights?

You can use LED COB spotlights for photography or videography whenever you need a steady light source.

COB lights are a good choice for real estate, and industrial, or architectural photography because you can take them anywhere. If you add suitable batteries, you can make your set-up bigger.

Their amazing even light can fill large rooms with light and make the atmosphere happy and clean. And the way they move can show even the most minor details of a surface (e.g., a ceiling, a wall, etc.).

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Light is an essential tool, and it’s not easy to learn how to work with it. That’s why experimenting through continuous light sources, including LED COB spotlights, is valuable!

You can even see how the lighting affects the composition, how many different camera settings you can use, and how the lighting changes the quality of the photo. Also, what you learn about lighting with a COB light can be used in most lighting situations.

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