Learn how yoga strengthens your immune system

If you also want to strengthen your immune system, then know how yoga makes your immune system better.

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis around the world has made us understand the importance of a good immune system. While yoga as a practice is known for its many mental and physical benefits, it has also emerged to strengthen the immune system. Let us tell you that many studies have found that yoga helps us in improving the immune system.

Doing yoga regularly also increases the NK ie natural killer cells in our body, which also helps in killing the dangerous disease cancer cells. In addition, it helps to stimulate the thymus, an organ that releases T lymphocytes that help build immunity. By doing yoga, we can keep maximum stress away from ourselves. Let us tell you through this article which are the yogas that work to strengthen your immune system.

Yogasanas to improve the immune system:



  • To do Bhujangasana i.e. cobra pose, first of all, lie down on your stomach on the ground.
  • Keep both your feet and hands firmly on the ground.
  • Try to pull the torso up from the floor. Keep in mind that equal pressure should be applied to both palms.
  • In this position, keep breathing normally.
  • And do not stretch beyond the capacity of the body.


  • To do Matyasana, you have to first lie on your back on the ground.
  • Bring both feet and hands together, palms out and overhead. Fully extend the body, pointing the toes.
  • After this, place your hands under the glutes and keep the body on the elbows.
  • Try to rest the foot on the backside.
  • Keep in mind that in this position you keep breathing regularly.
  • Now bring your head back and look at the toes.
  • After this, slowly try to leave your body.
  • You come back to the previous position and repeat the process again.

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  • To do Dhanurasana, keep your stomach and feet hip-width apart.
  • And bend the knees and try to hold the ankles.
  • In this position, keep breathing continuously and put your feet on the ground.
  • Now stay in this position, then breathe and try to relax in the pose.


  • To do Trikonasana, you must first stand straight on the ground.
  • Try to keep the right foot at 90 degrees out and the other at 15 degrees.
  • Keep pressing the feet equally on the ground and the weight on both sides.
  • In this position, take deep breaths continuously.
  • Keeping your waist straight, twist the body from the right side.
  • Raise the left hand upwards and try to touch your toe with the right hand.

Continuous yoga practice leads to better health benefits. Rather, know that it is not a substitute for medical treatment. And if you are undergoing any treatment, then practice yoga asanas after the advice of a doctor and under the supervision of a trained teacher.

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