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Is Sending My Child To Preschool The Right Move?

One of the biggest headaches for parents is preparing to send their children to school, especially for young parents. My article mainly explains why you need to send your child to Preschool Malaysia. If you are struggling with this recently, it may help you make a relative decision.  Keep reading !


The choice of preschool involves a number of considerations.

Even though spring may not have arrived yet, most preschools are already accepting enrollment for the upcoming autumn semester. Making the choice to enrol your child in preschool can be very challenging. They’re prepared. What does it even mean to be “ready” for preschool? What age ought they to be? And is all that money really worth it?

When it’s feasible, “Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia” (KPM)  advises parents to enrol their kids in preschool. In fact, studies suggest that kids who attend high-quality preschool for just one year are more likely to succeed in school than those who don’t. Preschool attendance increases a child’s chances of long-term academic success, post-secondary enrollment, and even future professional earnings.


How come? In the early years, children are taught crucial life skills. According to Barbara J. Smith of the University of Colorado–”Recommended Denver’s Practices: Linking Social Development and Behavior to School Readiness,” the social skills that have been found to have the greatest influence on long-term educational success are:


  • having good relationships with others, including students, teachers, and parents.
  • obeying instructions.
  • recognising and controlling one’s emotions and actions.
  • Considering appropriate conflict-resolution strategies.
  • maintaining focus on the work at hand.
  • playing cooperatively and conversing in social settings.
  • accurately reading the emotions and conduct of others.
  • a positive outlook on oneself and others.


Preschoolers are gaining precisely these important social and emotional skills through high-quality early childhood educational experiences.


How can you tell if your child is preparing to start preschool?


Many many things go into making this choice. Preschool programmes typically accept children between the ages of 2.5 and 5, while some do accept only 3- or 4-year-olds. The amount of days a child attends a programme will vary, often ranging from two to five per week. Some programmes give participants the option of full or half-day sessions. While some programmes demand that kids are potty trained, others may deal with those who are still learning.



What best suits your needs as a parent should be your first consideration. Do you require all-day care or can you handle a pick-up in the middle of the day? Would a session in the afternoon interfere with your baby’s nap time? Do you need a break from being a parent full-time? These questions don’t have right or wrong answers, but it’s still crucial to pick a programme that will meet both your requirements and those of your child. Sending your kid to preschool is acceptable because YOU are prepared! They not only learn useful life skills and are better prepared for kindergarten, but you also get a break.


After you’ve identified your personal needs, you may start to research programmes more thoroughly. Perhaps your church or synagogue or the local school district provide a programme. A range of early childhood programmes are offering in many communities through child care facilities as well. Some programmes employ certain curriculum, have certain focuses, or adhere to certain beliefs. Spend some time calling programmes, examining their Great Start to Quality STARS ratings, licencing records with the Department of Human Services, and requesting recommendations from friends and family.


Educational Assistance Program

Children with specific poverty levels or risk characteristics have access to federally sponsored Head Start classrooms. Preschool Malaysia that are part of the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) and are financed by the state of Government Malaysia are also available to 4-year-olds, typically those who will enter kindergarten the following fall. These GSRP programmes have qualified instructors and are supported by the state to help keep preschool costs down. There are also partnerships in places where GSRP money has been used to pay spots in Montessori or other for-profit preschools. Calling to find out if your family is eligible for one of these programmes is absolutely worthwhile.


Changing over to preschool


It is crucial to begin planning for the transition once you have decided to enrol your child in preschool. If your child has previously interacted with young children, it will be easier for them to make the adjustment to preschool. Toddlers can start to feel more at ease in group settings by participating in group experiences with their parents, such as library story times, gymnastics that is done “mommy and me,” or just having play dates. This can be a great way to prepare them for preschool by easing them into the transition.


Children that are potty train, able to express their needs, and working on age-appropriate self-help skills are often prefer by preschool teachers. These abilities include being able to feed and dress oneself, as well as follow straightforward instructions. Toilet training is not a requirement for every preschool, so be sure to ask your programme what their policies are. You’ll have a deadline to have your youngster prepared if they do need it.


Language development

Children’s speech and language development should be sufficient for those outside the family to comprehend them by the age of three. You can always follow up with the Early On programme for kids under 3 or your county’s Early Childhood Special Education Program for kids ages 3-5 for an assessment if you have concerns about your kid’s speech or behaviour. Don’t wait, but also don’t worry. Early intervention can offer vital benefits for students’ preparedness for school.


With snow still on the ground and the polar vortex approaching, it’s hard to think it’s already time to start making these choices for the upcoming fall season. But several programmes have already started accepting enrollment for their autumn semesters. Take the time to start planning for your child’s future so that you may choose the programme that best suits your needs and their needs, and to ensure that they are preparing for kindergarten.


Visit the Early Childhood Development website of Yelasohr for more details on preschool instruction, school readiness, local programmes, and webinars.


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