Is coffee with milk evil?


What do you think is the most popular item at Cafe Adelaide? Yes, that’s correct! [Cafe Adelaide]! (Answer now)

Especially during this cold season, there are lots of hot cafe Adelaides available.  If you have a professional barista, coffee with milk is evil, right? That’s something people worry about, but it’s true.

My specialty is [cafe Adelaide]!!

Of course I love hand drip, but I’m originally known as a barista specializing in latte art.  

Containing milk is evil! I hope you don’t think that. The combination of espresso coffee and steamed milk has a smooth texture and sweetness that can only be enjoyed with a cafe Adelaide.  As the weather gets warmer, there will be fewer opportunities to drink alcohol, so if you’re worried about it, please give it a try.   By the way, apart from cafe Adelaide, you can also enjoy latte art with [caramel latte]. If you’re tired and want to enjoy a sweet coffee drink, this is recommended!

And finally, I’m thinking of switching the coffee beans Kamata Blend used for that cafe Adelaide to [home-roasted]  We’ll start with espresso drinks, then switch to hand-drip drinks.

When I think that I can deliver the popular cafe Adelaide to many people using beans that I baked myself, my motivation increases! Please come and have a drink and let us know what you think. 

It’s great to take home and enjoy the cherry blossom viewing with coffee. Also, it’s great to have a sandwich. 

Carbonated x coffee = bad…?

 When I search for “carbonated coffee,” “bad” suddenly appears as a predicted word… (lol) They indeed used to sell it at convenience stores, and it disappeared in an instant. That wasn’t delicious… This time, we are proposing a new way to drink coffee. It seems like there are a lot of people visiting café adelaide for the first time in April as they start their new lives

Many people visit our store after seeing us on the internet or SNS using search terms such as Rundle Street Restaurant Adelaide

Which one is the best for “specialty coffee”…? A coffee that seems special.

(Simply put, it is coffee that is rare and has unique flavor characteristics)

If you come to a cafe specializing in coffee, you’ll want to try that coffee! But I don’t feel like it today… There are times like that, right?


[Coffee x Tonic]

Actually, “coffee x tonic” has a short history and is said to have originated in Europe around 2010, but it became widely known after it became popular in Australia.

By the way, tonic water is a refreshing carbonated water containing extracts of herbs, citrus peels and sugar.

Coffee has a lot of citrus flavors, and they go well together 

The most famous one is [Espresso Tonic], which is a combination of “espresso” and “tonic water,” but our shop dares to make it with “iced coffee” and “tonic water.”

By doing so, the bitterness is not too strong, and the carbonation is not too strong, so you can enjoy the “citrus scent of tonic water” and “the subtle bitterness and fruitiness of coffee” in a well-balanced manner!

Add a light squeeze of lime to it for an even more refreshing feeling. You did it, didn’t you? If you have this, you can survive the upcoming hot season. 

Is the coffee jelly boom coming??

 This time, we will talk about sweets. When it’s cold, gateau chocolate is by far the best, but with the weather like this, cool desserts are becoming increasingly popular.

Did you watch Matsuko’s Unknown World  the other day? 

What a maniac “coffee jelly” special feature! An acquaintance’s barista shop was also featured. 

Meanwhile, Cafe Adelaide also has a slightly unusual coffee jelly.

[Pudding and coffee jelly meet] It’s a mysterious dessert that comes in a cute bottle and has two layers: pudding on the bottom and coffee jelly on the top.

Eh! Do sweet pudding and bitter coffee jelly go together??

For example 

it’s like an actress and a comedian. (No ?) Was it okay for these kids to meet in the first place…?

I’m sure you have questions like that, but please take it to your mouth and check it out.

Incidentally, it is an important thing that connects these children. That is “homemade anglaise sauce.” It is a very delicious sauce with a caramel flavor and a vanilla scent. Honestly, without this source, coexistence might have been difficult.

The coffee jelly also uses specialty coffee, so it has a nice scent!



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