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How To Prepare For NEET-UG In 6 Months

“Time flies, which is bad news. The statement “The good news is you’re the pilot” is accurate when it comes to getting ready for NEET-UG in six months. It is anticipated that the NEET-UG will take place in June 2023. 

When taking into account elements like a successful strategy and time management abilities, the time to prepare for NEET-UG has never been better.

So, folks, don’t panic; you still have time to prepare; start doing so right away!

The first thing to bear in mind is your attitude toward the exam and your desire to become a doctor. Your motivation should be strong, and your thinking should be in alignment. The rest is preparation, which we are talking about in this article to show you how to do it well and pass NEET-UG in six months.

Tips to prepare for NEET-UG in the last 6 months 

Biggest mistakes to avoid 

Students who are just beginning their NEET preparation do not focus just on the most important subjects. If you have such plans, you have already made preparations for failure. Keep in mind that everything is crucial, and you have six months to finish the entire course.

An Efficient NEET Study Plan

Make a workable schedule that is right for you, giving each subject equal weight. Keep to your study schedule and attempt to accomplish a little goal each day. Spend time on your interests, take quick breaks, and relax. Taking brief pauses throughout study sessions is essential for effective information retention. The most crucial thing is to get at least 7 hours of sleep. Neet Previous Year Question Paper

Understand NEET-UG Exam Pattern

Prior to studying, thoroughly familiarise yourself with the NEET-UG exam format. Learn about the exam’s difficulty level, the weighting of the chapters, the key questions, and the whole syllabus. Understanding and using the class 11 and 12 NCERT textbooks is essential because they are aligned with the NEET-UG syllabus.

The Right Books and Study Materials

You cannot begin your preparation without the necessary books and study materials. You need a complete arsenal of weaponry in order to prevail in combat. Using the right study tools and books, read, learn, and comprehend the subjects thoroughly. Although there are many books on the market, picking the right one for your needs might be difficult. You should study from the NCERT textbooks and reference books that top students, subject matter experts, professors, and seniors recommend. So look for high-quality books, practise exams, question papers from prior years, and study tools.

After finishing the NCERT textbooks, solve several quality reference books if you wish to get a medical seat at the college of your dreams.

Make Notes 

Make notes whenever you are learning. The fundamental task of taking notes is to select the most crucial information and store it so that you can understand it quickly. It is one of the best methods for improving memory. Using coloured graphics and precise, step-by-step writing, record the facts. You will benefit from it as you revise. Create legible handwriting.

Evaluate and Improve

A NEET-UG applicant’s preparation and development are greatly aided by practice exams and old test questions. You must therefore thoroughly practise and solve practice exams, question banks, sample papers, and previous year’s papers. Examine your work for flaws and blunders once you’ve solved each paper. Let’s examine how practise exams and prior year’s test questions aid in NEET-UG preparation:

Students can quickly improve their accuracy and speed when solving objective-type tasks, and they can learn to finish the assignment in the allotted three hours.
Students have a firm understanding of the exam format and become accustomed to the kinds of questions that will be asked.

Students develop their subject knowledge and precision by completing practice exams. Students can increase their confidence and lessen their pre-exam nervousness by using practice exams and sample papers.
They are constantly becoming aware of the errors they are making.

Mindful Revision

The most important phase of the NEET-UG preparation process is revision. No preparation means an incomplete revision. Therefore, using a clever revision strategy for NEET-UG will undoubtedly save you time, effort, and ensure that you are exam-ready. Tips for a successful NEET revision plan:

  • Start your review with the chapters that carry the most weight and the most crucial themes.
  • Concentrate on reading and reviewing your notes while attempting to remember the pictures, diagrams, charts, tables, calculations, etc.
  • Online resources are also a good option for studying because they act as effective visual learning aids for subjects.
  • Set aside no less than three hours each day to complete practice exams and old papers.
  • Analyse your blunders and mistakes, then list them in a notepad. For easy learning, practise questions with comparable content.
  • Find a mentor and discuss your concepts, questions, and doubts with him.

Mental and Physical Well-Being is Important

Keep in mind that anxiousness is useless. You should not worry about the exam in any way. Make sure your whole focus is on your NEET exam preparation, not the result. Make sure your physical and mental health are good. Try to maintain your exercise regimens, healthy eating habits, meditation practices, or any other beneficial strategies. Instead of using your smartphone during study breaks, get some fresh air by taking a walk outside or doing something else.

Maintain a positive attitude as you prepare for NEET-UG 

It will need a lot of effort, perseverance, study, and research to succeed in this NEET crusade. Positivity is essential, in addition to adhering to the NEET exam instructions. Given the amount of content to cover, stressing won’t help; instead, gradually mastering the subjects will boost your confidence. A complete comprehension of one idea will make it easier to learn the next. Additionally, attempt to be accommodating with the exam’s schedule. You can take the test as if it were any other day with its help.

Some of the Best Revision strategies 

  • Droppers have plenty of free time. They should therefore review every day. On the same day, review all you’ve learnt either in the morning or in the evening.
  • Weekends should only be used for revision for regular students.
  • Set aside at least two hours per day for revision. Never prostitute it.
  • Follow the proper revision cycle. The day after you finish writing your chapter notes, go over them again. Revise the same chapter three days later, then seven days afterwards. Repeat this cycle until and unless you can relate to every subject.
  • Continue taking the revision tests.
  • Attend at least two tests every week and one to two per month.
  • Once the tests are over, it’s crucial to analyse each topic in-depth.

Set daily goals and adhere to them strictly! Take regular notes, revise them, and participate in mock exams.


Finally, remember that “a little improvement every day adds up to great results” and don’t let that discourage you. You can use the advice in this article to understand the best preparation methods.

Choose the correct books and courses since they can make a significant difference in your quest to succeed. You’ve almost won half the battle once you have the ideal selection of books. Additionally, keep your notes and the exam papers from the previous year close to hand as they are essential.

Always keep in mind that a positive perspective and perseverance will produce favourable results. So put on your thinking caps and get ready with Exampraxis, a one-stop shop for trustworthy and authentic NEET-UG resources including bespoke modules, mock tests, video lectures, and QBank. 

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