How to Choose the Best Webcasting and Event Live-Streaming Service

Live-streaming and webcasting solve the same purpose and works in the same way but with different platforms. They both stream the event live over the internet and in real-time. There are multiple webcasting and event live-streaming services available that can help in providing great benefits. Such as wider reach, scalability, flexibility, low cost, increased revenue, and more. But to choose the best and the most suitable live-streaming or webcast service provider, you need to consider a few things. So that you don’t face any kind of problems or trouble during the streaming of the event.

In this blog, we will discuss a comprehensive guide about live-streaming and webcasting services. Which will include their combined benefits and how you can choose the best service for your event.

How to Define Event Streaming?

Event streaming can be best defined as when a certain event is streamed or broadcasted in real time over the internet to the audience. This way, attendees can interact with the speakers or exhibitors online via broadcasting services, webcasting, or live-streaming. There is audience engagement by using the platform’s interesting features such as Q&A, live polling, chats, etc. This can help in enhancing the experience for the attendees and providing comfort and convenience to them.

Benefits of Live-Streaming and Webcasting Services

Since both of these services work on the internet with different platforms, they can provide the same benefits that are similar to each other. Using these tools for your event based on your needs and event types can help in providing these benefits that are discussed below.

Increase Your Audience Reach

Using event live-streaming services can be an excellent way to increase your audience reach because they work online, so it can eliminate geographical restrictions. Which will increase the chances for the audience to find you much more efficiently. And the attendees who were not able to attend the in-person event can watch and attend the event, which is an excellent way to reach them.

Reduce the Cost of Your Event

With the use of webcast service, you can take your in-person event to a virtual event and this not only increases your reach but also lowers the cost of the event. Organizers pay more cost for the venue to host even a small event. But with the help of these services is a cost-effective solution for you can reach the audience.

Increase the ROI

With the help of a webcasting service, you can have additional opportunities to increase the ROI for your event. These virtual or hybrid events can help in offering sponsorship opportunities, they can pay a good amount of money in exchange for exposure before, during, and after the event. You can even generate revenue from event live-streaming services by charging a minimal amount for the event.


Who doesn’t want a flexible option to attend an event that best fits their busy schedule or agenda? Using webcasting services can help in providing flexibility to the audience to attend and watch the event at their comfort and convenience. You can even provide on-demand content using these services that will allow your attendees to stream whenever they want. To enhance their experience, you can use multi-camera live-streaming. That can cover the in-person event from each angle, giving a more streamlined experience.

Improved Analytics

To make a better experience for the attendees, getting accurate data and information is the key. And using these services you can easily get those things which will also help in demonstrating the ROI.

How to Choose the Right Event Streaming Service?

The benefits of using live-streaming or webcasting services are secondary things and to achieve those benefits first you need to find the right and the most suitable service for your event. And to help you with that, here are some things that you should keep in mind.

Quality Stream and Stability

The event live-streaming services should be able to provide high-quality streams with stability. Because it will help to engage the audience more and if there is no stability then the attendees will lose their interest in the event. And it won’t matter if you have the best speaker in the world or have spent the entire marketing budget on promoting the event. Without providing high-quality multi-camera live-streaming with stability, all your efforts will go to waste.

On-Demand Content

Any kind of event can be hosted using live-streaming or webcasting services and can become the powerhouse of the content. From a single event, you can generate enough content to educate or entertain the audience. But unfortunately, storing, managing, and distributing the content can be very time-consuming. So choose the services that can have a built-in video content management system.

Opportunities to Monetize

Monetization is an important aspect to look for in event streaming services. Since they are excellent opportunities to generate some extra revenue and there are different options available for this. Like brand sponsorships and incentivizing your audience to pay an extra amount to access the event. You can even generate revenue with on-demand content, and some platforms even offer to choose which user segment can access the different content.

Event Data Analytics

When choosing a webcasting or event live-streaming platform, look for the one that captures and allows you to access the analytics and data from your attendees. Ideally, it should allow you to present the data in an easy-to-view dashboard. And what kind of data you should track is listed below.

  • Number of streaming views
  • Active audience
  • Attendance during the event
  • Engagement metrics

This data can help you create engaged communities, calculate the ROI of your event, follow up on the leads, or run an effective marketing campaign. And if you are opting to choose social media, you can use YouTube or Facebook live-streaming services.


Live-streaming and webcasting services both are ways to host an event in real-time over the Internet, which makes them easily accessible and convenient for the attendees. Using these services can have many similar benefits but the platforms they work on are not similar, other than this they have many similarities. And to choose the best and right event live-streaming service, you can use the above-mentioned ideas. This will help you ease the process of choosing suitable services based on your event and your preference.

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