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Here’s What You Must Know about Riyadh’s Top 4 Kindergarten Schools!

Kindergarten years for a child are essential to molding them with a strong foundation for their future education. But, for that finding, the best international school might be daunting for new parents or expats. 

So to ease your search, this blog gives you ample information by shortlisting the top 4 schools to enrol your child. Please note that these schools have uncompromised quality education, excellent facility, anda learning ambience worth every penny of yours. Hence take a look!

Why Choose the Best School in Riyadh for Your Child?

Riyadh is not just a densely populated capital of Saudi Arabia but also a hub for many international schools. So here are some reasons why enrolling your child in one of the top schools can reap future benefits.

  1. It’s a home away from home environment with professional and qualified teachers.
  2. It develops your child holistically in terms of creativity and social and emotional well-being.
  3. One-on-one education enhances the learning process so that every child gets benefitted. 
  4. It has a spacious infrastructure that allows your child to explore, learn and play independently.
  5. No corporal punishments are entertained in the learning experience. 
  6. Ample play-based activities kindle active engagement, a sense of responsibility, and social interactions. 
  7. Parents of the best kindergarten in Riyadh are considered partners, not just clients.

Additional benefits:

  • Children are given potty and feeding training
  • Sensory classes
  • Timely paediatric visits
  • Uncompromised healthy, and tasty kitchen
  • Specialised security in playgrounds and at the gateway

The Top 4 International Schools for Your Kid to Shine in the Future

With such exciting benefits while enrolling in an international school, try choosing one of the shortlisted schools curated to make learning fun and playing lifelong laughter.

  • One World International School (OWIS), Riyadh

Established in 2008, this is the best school with a multicultural ambience that focuses on nurturing students with world-class quality American education. Hence, as a result.

Apart from theW inquiry-based curriculum, the school provides an aura to learn more through its mesmerising infrastructure and co-curricular activities. For example, they have an updated science lab, audiobooks to supplement the traditional library and top-notch technology to augment the learning process at home and school.

  • Saud International School (SIS)

Founded in 1998, this school is a landmark for many in Riyadh as the best school to date. It follows the British and the American curriculum and ensures in-depth excellence in learning in both standards.

Apart from the curriculum, the campus has excellent infrastructure, discipline, and learning ambience with massive classrooms that provide good ventilation with full air-conditioning. In addition, there is adequate security with day-long surveillance, cameras, fire alarms, and more.

  • British International School Riyadh

You can never forget this school as its yet another best kindergarten in Riyadh with its unique learning notion. With the help of professional and certified teachers from British, Аmеricаn, CаnаdiаnаndАustrаliаnbackgrounds, students have gained exposure to multicultural learning of subjects since 2007.

Moreover, the school offers education until grade 12 if you wish to make your child continue that school. The education system is ISCA based on the American curriculum and International Baccalaureate education. 

  • American International School Riyadh (AISR)

Founded by the American government, this school has its popularity as the best international school in Riyadh. It strictly follows the American curriculum with an enriched academic experience. They create students to become innovative and critical thinkers to succeed on multiple platforms. 

However, you can never forget the school’s infrastructure, with unique facilities with 130 classrooms and 120 interactive screens to make e-learning a breeze. Also, there are more than ten labs for science, distinct ones for computer students, and a robotics lab. Interestingly, they have a state-of-the-art STEM lab for continued education and research.


You can check up on other schools too from the list:

  • The Learning Caravan International School
  • Advanced Learning School
  • Great International Indian School
  • Yara Indian International School
  • Al Yasmin International School
  • Al Forsan International School For Girls
  • Dome International Schools
  • Banoo Iqra International School Al Riyadh
  • Khaled International Schools

How to Choose the Best Kindergarten School in Riyadh?

Once you’ve picked your choice, ensure that they fall in line with these pointers so that you and your child will have a hassle-free learning journey;

  1. Check the location, working hours, and bus facility to ensure your child’s comfort going to and fro. 
  2. Take a visit to the school with your child, observe everything around you, and check whether your child is comfortable with the ambience. 
  3. Get feedback from teachers, parents, and the principal about the school and how well the children benefit from learning. 


If you’re satisfied with everything, check the budget and begin your enrollment process in the international school!

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