Hang Tapestry of 10 Simple Ways to on Your Wall.


A blank wall’s decorative potential is usually overlooked. You can certainly display pieces of art, pictures of your loved ones, and gallery walls, but what if we told you that you could do even more? Tapestries are one of the easiest yet most imaginative ways to embellish a blank wall in a way that quickly captures attention. However, hanging textiles over a sofa or behind a bed is a great way to display textile arts, vintage fabrics, or even vivid textiles. We don’t suggest that you turn your living room or bedroom into a tapestry museum. It enhances a place with its use of color, volume, and pattern.

However, Jaipur Rugs has put up a list of simple instructions if you’re unaware of how to hang a tapestry on the wall.

The easiest way to hang a wall tapestry is probably using nails or pushpins. However, as it can damage smaller tapestries, this only applies to larger ones. The tapestry can be hung tautly by hanging it from the corners or loosely by draping it. Attach it to the piece’s head in a row for a more streamlined look.

You might be able to hang a tapestry without harming the walls if you use sticky hooks. Because they can be removed without causing any damage to the tapestry or leaving a hole in the wall, adhesive hooks are a fantastic alternative. If you rent your home or move around a lot, this is the greatest method to hang a wall tapestry because it is simple to mount and demount as needed.


Rod in Casing

It’s not uncommon for fragile tapestries with fine stitching to have a rod in a casing that’s meant to hang them. They are incredibly hassle-free and easy to hang. Just insert a rod that matches the tapestry; that’s all. If the tapestry doesn’t have a casing, how is it going to be hung? One may be made! Simply stitch a heavy-duty fabric strip over the animal’s back, leaving space for the rod between the fabric strip’s top and bottom and the rod’s width. If you’re concerned about it not being a straight stitch, a seamstress could help. This elegant method can be used to hang a tapestry.

Velcro Strips

Using Velcro strips to hang a wall tapestry is yet another risk-free and damage-free option. By using this method, no additional hardware is needed, and the tapestry hangs much cleaner. Look for tapestry hanging options to save the hassle of hooks, clips, pins, and nails. Hang a tapestry using Velcro strips as follows:


  • By measuring the tapestry or rug and the wall, indicate the area where you wish to hang it.


  • The tapestry and wall should then be covered in Velcro strips. Remember that before hanging the tapestry, it needs time to dry.


Is there a modest bit of blank wall space in your room? Or, since you live in a dorm room, do you need a partition for privacy? In both cases, a tapestry should be hung on the wall (and more). Vertical tapestries are the best solution for this kind. Observe these steps to hang a wall tapestry from your ceiling:


  • The tapestry’s corners should be hung from grommets or curtain rings, its ends should be tucked, and the ceiling should be coated with adhesive hooks.
  • If your ceiling is drywall, you can also use push pins or nails. You might want to add a couple more nails for increased stability even if gravity is a role in this case.


Foam Core

This technique, which is very similar to stretching the tapestry on a wooden frame or a plywood board, uses a foam board in place of the wood and calls for some DIY know-how. Beforehand, glue two foam board sheets together. Additionally, bear in mind that you will require the extra fabric to envelop the thick foam board’s edges. After that, wrap the foam board with a heavy linen cloth and firmly staple it to the back of the board. Then, using a curved needle, stitch the tapestry to the material.


Rope or Cable

This is one of the simplest tapestry hanging ideas you will find if you are crafty and don’t mind spending some time DIY-ing your room. You have two choices: hang the tapestry from nails or hooks, or thread a rope through the tapestry’s top, which includes a little pocket for a rope to fit through. Or, if you want to simply clip it, hang it, and forget about it, utilize a cable system. This offers excellent additional privacy.


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