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When you hear the term Kundali Matching you immediately think of the idea of an Indian wedding. This is because the majority of marriages in India don’t happen without this procedure. If you’re the person you want to be your life partner with whom you’ll for the remainder of your life, you have to be certain. This is where Kundali matchmaking can help you. Through the Kundali matching process, skilled Astrologers analyze the Horoscopes of the groom and bride to determine the likelihood of their wedding being successful. Many people choose the internet-based Kundali matching platforms to determine compatibility.

Let’s now look into the process that is involved in Guna Milan during this Kundali match. It is a match of the horoscopes and horoscopes for two people will determine the number of Gunas that match between a bride and groom. There are 36 categories spread across eight categories referred to as Koot. This is why the process is called Ashtakoot Milan. Each Koot comes with a particular number of Gunas which are matched in the Kundali match process. 

In the following table you will find additional details about the gunas.


Koota or Guna Maximum Score
Varna or Jaati 1
Vashya 2
Tara 3
Yoni 4
Graha Maitri 5
Gana 6
Bhakoot 7
Nadi 8
Total 36

You can observe that one Koot is given only one point, and the next Guna with a maximum of 2 points, and then on to the next in ascending order. If you combine the score of all Koots to can get a total score of 36. After the Horoscope matching gets complete. Astrologers get the final result of 36. Based on this score, you will be able to decide if you would like to proceed in a marriage or not. In general, there are four possible scenarios or cases in relation to what is known as the Guna Milan Score in the Kundali Matching process. You can read about each one of them below.

Guna Milan Score is less than 18. What Does it Mean?

The first case occurs when the Kundali Matching also known as Guna Milan score falls lower than 18. In other words If a boy or girl are matched through the Kundali matching process and their score is 12, this means that the total of qualities that are consistent over eight Kutas is just twelve. In such situations, astrologers do not advise couples to marry since they think the couple’s marriage is likely to be a mess. A couple should attain a minimum score of 18 before they can proceed.

Additionally, it is important to be aware that two instances of Kundali match-ups could have the same score , but the same score may be derived out of distinct Koota aspects.

Guna Milan Score is between 18-24. What Does it Mean?

The second instance of Kundali matching when the score ranges from 18-24. If, for instance, an outcome is 22 it means that, across different Koots the total of the qualities that match is 22. In general, if a score is between 18 and 24 an individual’s match is considered normal and offers decent possibilities of marriage. But, it is thought that the compatibility between a couple is pretty average. However, it’s more desirable than a score lower than 18 and couples are always able to marry with scores ranging from 18 and 24.

Guna Milan Score is between 25 and 32. What does it mean?

In the third instance where the guna milan score falls between the range of 24 to 32. that score is always a good sign. Astrologers say that if a Kundali match score is in between 25, 32 or more, then the couple should enjoy a pleasant wedding. Astrologers would recommend going with the wedding as the bride and groom will live in peace and happiness in their wedding.

Guna Milan Score is more than 32. What does it mean?

So, if you and your soon-to-be partner have the Kundali match score greater than 32, you ought to not put off getting married. A score like this is believed to be an unbeatable match. Very few people can achieve this high of a score following the Guna Milan procedure. Anything higher than 32 means that there is a high chance for the two couples to enjoy an extremely successful marriage, and they will be super content after their marriage.

It is important to keep in mind that the Online Kundali match score is not a guarantee. It is all about compatibility, and understanding each one another’s needs and preferences. Two people who have high scores in Kundali matchmaking could end up in an unhappy marriage, and those with a lower score may have a good marriage. Therefore, Kundali matching is just an estimation of the potential success of the marriage.


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