Guide For Marketers On Crypto Cashback & Reward Solution

As a form of digital currency, cryptocurrencies have drawn much attention during the past ten years. Cashback for online purchases can be given to your users through cryptocurrency.

Users receive payment in USD, EUR, or INR when using a standard affiliate cashback system. In comparison, consumers of cryptocurrency cashback websites earn compensation in the form of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

Many bitcoin aficionados were drawn to the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies, which allowed them to acquire free cryptocurrency through online shopping.

Let’s first define cryptocurrencies in general before delving into how this cryptocurrency cashback website operates.

Peer-to-peer payments are make using cryptocurrencies, also referred to as digital currencies. In contrast to traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies are not issue by central banks or other banking regulatory bodies.

A trust-based system is necessary for virtual currencies, which can also be used to buy products and services from carefully chosen businesses.

Although there is debate about whether digital currencies are legal tender, numerous nations have done so.


Using Bitcoin as a Reward on a Cashback Website

Customers typically receive traditional currencies (USD, EUR, or INR) as cashback or rewards on a typical cashback website. A new method of rewarding clients with virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Stellar, etc. is through a cryptocurrency cashback website.

Despite the volatility of their value, crypto users can still use them as investments or assets.

The cashback system awards the earnings in traditional currency after the successful purchase of goods or services, but it also displays the equivalent cryptocurrency coins.

This is how the user sees their earnings, both in dollars and bitcoins, respectively.


Earn free Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin (Process)

Let’s examine how users can receive cryptocurrency for nothing (as a payback).

  • User signs up on your cryptocurrency cashback website, app, or extension.
  • User makes regular purchases from any of your affiliate retailers.
  • Cashback is track in conventional money with a pending status. The user dashboard displays profits with pending status in both USD and cryptocurrency.
  • The merchant aggregates the transactions after the return period is end, distributes the confirmed status, and updates the status for user transactions as well.
  • The users can ask for the payment to be made in traditional payment if the confirmed amount has exceeded the minimum withdrawal amount criteria.

EnactSoft has developed an API integration to pull the most recent cryptocurrency conversion rates and display them to users across all of these phases. Due to the volatility, traditional currency earnings remain consistent, but cryptocurrency earnings fluctuate up until the user withdraws the money.


Websites and Apps for Cryptocurrency Cashback to Earn Free Bitcoin, Ether, and Dogecoin

Here are the top apps and websites for earning free cryptocurrency that will improve your investment portfolio.

All websites, mobile apps, and extensions can be used without charge. Some of them also offer membership options, but the freeway is always a good place to start.


StormX.io: (BTC, ETH, Dai, LTC)

Another mobile application that offers prizes in the form of several cryptocurrencies for profitable transactions is StormX. Both iOS and Android devices can run StormX. You can choose from more than 750 shops and get up to 87.5% in cryptocurrency cashback. Additionally, StormX includes browser extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.


Develop your own Crypto cashback app using our StormX Clone Script.


Lolli.com (Bitcoin)

When you shop from Lolli, top retailers and online marketplaces receive payment from Lolli.

You receive rewards in the Lolli dashboard after a successful purchase, which you may deposit either a standard bank account or a Bitcoin wallet.

Lolli also offers a mobile app for iOS devices and a browser add-on. When you shop on the website of the linked store, the extension will prompt you to activate your cashback.

Some Lolli clone cashback solutions exist that can hasten the beginning of your cryptocurrency cashback venture. Before purchasing a replica cashback script, there are certain crucial factors to take into account. It will be covered further on in the article.


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BitcoinRewards.com (Bitcoin)

Users of Bitcoin Rewards can browse more than 1500 brands while earning free Bitcoin. The website sells items for clothing, technology, food, drink, gardening, home, and health.

Additionally, you can download the Bitcoin Rewards extension, which will notify you each time you make a purchase from one of their affiliated store websites to trigger the cashback.


Final Reflections

Since clients can still withdraw in conventional currency, a cryptocurrency cashback website has no disadvantages over a conventional cashback system.

You may take your affiliate business to the next level by combining the popularity of cryptocurrencies with the affiliate marketing concept.

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