Explained! What is Email Tracking in Outlook Platform?

Marketing campaigns must dive into the best Email tracking solution that shares the genuine insights of the sent emails. The reason why we are saying this is because it lets them make better decisions and can make powerful campaigns the next time. But which platform for tracking email is better to choose? Or what is Email tracking in Outlook platform? So much vital info we have to guide you. Let’s start with a proper definition first-

What is Email tracking in outlook?

The tracking solution in the Outlook platform provides two options for tracking the emails of a user. The first racking email is the read receipt and the second is the delivery receipt. 

Delivery receipt means giving you the response when an email is delivered to the recipients. But that doesn’t mean that the recipient has opened that email. 

Read recipient means the email has been opened or viewed by the recipient. If you have not received the receipt it doesn’t mean it has not been viewed. 

Best Tracking email tools for the Outlook platform

Start your investment in the tools below that are going to help in so many ways like email open tracking, customer activity tracking, etc. Check this out-

  • Yesware

Start with the best tracking software for every business today. Yesware is brilliant in tracking all your sent emails. It lands your message in the mailbox, not in the SPAM folder. Most of you are not updated with the fact that this tool can sync with Salesforce CRM and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Marketers must keep Yesware software as their first priority because it promises to take your marketing operation to the next level. The pricing plan starts at $15/per month. 

  • Contact Monkey

Seek some ultimate functionality on choosing Contact Monkey such as tracking email opens, website clicks, email opens, and more. A user can now simply track crucial information of the recipient through this tool. Well, numerous email templates are there to choose from. Select which can fetch your target market. There are three pricing plans for Contact Monkey: Enterprise, Plus, and Essentials. We recommend choosing the Plus plan to get mind-blowing features like email scheduling, advance reporting, survey visualization, event management, etc. 

  • MailTrack

Let’s learn now how MailTrack is another awesome opening for Outlook. You are curious to know who has opened your email, how the lead has interacted with your message, etc? These are basic but crucial ones for the team to track. So, take the assistance of MailTrack which helps in performing the task promptly for your team. If you don’t want to invest then you can go for a Free plan as well. But if you choose the paid premium plans of MailTrack then it helps in getting the functionality: PDF Doc tracking, Line tracking, group email tracking, etc. 

  • Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insights has the functionality of email tracking called Buyer signal. It not only helps in knowing the email is open, but it can also measure activities like link clicks, attachments open, etc. The tool can reflect the lead’s behavior so that you can know whether the lead is going to buy something or not. Before you purchase this platform for Outlook, you can go for a 14 days Risk-Free trial. It helps in knowing all salient features in-depth. The pricing plan of Cirrus Insight starts at $10/user/month. 

Note: There are three plans of Cirrus Insight: Salesforce sync, Pro, and Expert. 

Wrap it up: Tracking all emails sent opens up the door to running your business at the right speed. This is why we informed you about tracking email solutions that are genuinely helpful for all-size companies. It’s now clear to everyone “What is Email tracking in outlook” and what options does it provide for every user. Start adopting the tools and insist others to do the same. 

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